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November 08, 2012


Nancy Watkins

I think your student's baby quilt is adorable...tell her "good job!"

Ginny Worden

What fun! and I think the block is double x.

Audrey Bretz

Your student is probably having so much fun. You are so sweet to be helping her. AND I am in love with your black and cream - oh no, another to add to my list of must do.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I just found your block on my iphone app and it says double x as Ginny posted above.
You must have a great way if teaching if your student wants to spend more time sewing.


Isn't it rewarding to be able to teach a life skill to someone! She will always remember who taught her to sew--what a neat 'legacy' for you! I have an adult quilt-making 'student' (in her early 50's) and I am so proud of all she's accomplished in just a few short months! You just never know, do you?

Barbara Anne

According to Barbara Brackman's Block book, p.212 and 213, the lower blocks has several names:
Jacks on Six
Old Maid's Puzzle
Double X (as Ginny and Mary said)
Three and Six
Kindergarten Block
Where you put your lights, mediums, and darks causes the block name to change and I found no block with the dark center as the top block has.

Love your student's wonderful progress and cheers for her enthusiasm!!

When I put blocks together these days, I use Mary Ellen Hopkin's idea of sewing block pairs together, then pairs together into 4s, and so on until there is one last seam that goes the full length OR width of your quilt top. It's so much more manageable under the machine needle and easy to press. Mary Ellen calls it sewing next door neighbors together, then sewing them to the neighbors across the street, then into neighborhoods, two neighborhoods sewn together make a town, etc. There is probably a better explanation on-line somewhere.



Love both of your black-and-cream blocks! But I'm partial to the one with the dark center.

Your teenager is doing well. (Thinking of my own DD and her sewing projects!) What color is she going to use for the border?

Christine Thomas

How kind of you to teach someone the art of quilting. She is one lucky young lady to have such a good teacher and to learn at such a tender age.

LOVE the black and cream. I love red but I'm looking for other combos.

Gertie Pye

Yes students who actually listen are an absolute pleasure! Glad you are enjoying your mentoring - it looks like both of you are getting something positive out of it x

Tracey Holzer

I think that your "mistake" quilt will be beautiful.


I do love the way the black center square changes it entirely! These are yummy.

Only people you are not related to will do what you say, when you say it :) This is why it is easier to teach other people's children! I've known a few teacher's kids who were total brats even though the teacher was fantastic in the classroom and all the kids and parents loved her!


lol, my bff says, "No one listens to me but they all come running to me for help!" ;p

I love the blocks in black. Very nice!


With you premade half square triangles, if my math is correct, you have enough for 64 quilt blocks. That should make a good sized quilt!

Paula Zumaris

What a LUCKY girl to have you as a teacher!!


I am loooving the black blocks! Love your cutie patootey teenager too! Hopefully she'll get her own sewing machine for Christmas if she doesn't already have one :)

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