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November 30, 2012


Helen in Switzerland

I'm glad you have a lovely sewing day Nicole - it never fails to cheer me up too! Mind you, little E must be an angel - my kids would never have just kept themselves busy for so long so I could sew! You are clearly doing it right!!

Karen L.

Good for you, Nicole. You need to take care of yourself! Have you seen the Brannock and Patek line Fellowship? I love every piece of it. Also, check out Jan Patek's Heart to Heart pattern that goes with it.

Karen L


Glad that you had a day of happy sewing. You have been under a lot of stress the last couple of weeks, so a day of happy sewing was a good thing. I could use a spa day myself ;-)

Barbara Anne

Cheers for your excellent method of self-help and look at your charming sewing accomplishments!

Yummy fabrics are a wonderful tonic, too, and those look delicious.

I vote Christmas table topper. You can do something that's flip-and-sew, then bring the backing around to the front for an easy binding. At your speed, that would take less than a day and you'd enjoy it for the whole holiday period. You can get back to your delightful row of apples and what follows after the Christmas table topper is topping your table!

Hope you can find where Miss E stashed each of your pantry items. You may have to get down to her eye level to locate them all.



I'm glad you took a much needed "me" day and got some sewing done. The row quilt is going to be fun in your colours. I get the same magazine by subscription and look forward to each and every issue. Take care of yourself.


Your row-along sew-along is going to be very pretty! I love those butterfly blocks, and have seen the apple blocks on another blog.

As Barbara said, I'm sure you could whip out a Christmas table topper in no time, and then dive right back into the row-along sew-along! Love your new fabrics - those reds are really delicious.


I see the best medicine of all here, Nicole!!


Love that row along. I love the colorway you are using! Sewing = Happy!!


We all need to have a little rest every day. Taking care of others is hard work! You Sew, girl! You sew! ;p


Piecing therapy, yep, almost as good as a massage :) I have resisted the row along so far, but my resistance is melting, especially when she showed the leaves!

Lots of great fabric at your house, adding it's fine aroma!

Debbie R.

Yes, sewing therapy is a good thing. Works for me, too, although it's very difficult to manage the time. Shopping therapy, especially fabric shopping, is also a mood brightener. Enjoy your magazine!

carol fun

I think that sewing is what keeps us sane -- it is cheaper than therapy (ok we're not going into how much we spend on fabric) and you have something to show for your time when you are finished. I love your goodies from FQS. I just got my copy of Primitive Quilts in the mail and there are several projects calling my name. Hope you have a restful weekend.


I've been watching that row-along, myself. It's so different and really looks like fun! Good for you spending a day with fabric and some sewing! You and Baby E can have a scavenger hunt for the pantry items that are still missing the next time she's there! Wishing you a happy week-end!


Enjoyed your post Nicole... really like your row along blocks... it's been hard to resist joining in! Can't wait to see what you do with the Tavern Reds... What an angel your little Baby E is, letting Mommy have some sewin' time!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

You did right. I know from experience that giving everything you have to care for others is not good for you or them. I love your rows. I bet that Row Along is fun. And look at all the goodies you got. You surely must feel better today.


Your honesty is refreshing. We all feel that way from time to time but never dare say it outloud.

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