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November 12, 2012


Barbara Anne

Okay, my friend, this is where your speed piecing wizard skills will stand you in good stead! I have great faith you'll accomplish all of these projects with time to spare ... and time to breathe! Put dinner in the Crock Pot, of course.

Methinks some more Christmas themed prints would be good for a few of your creations, and perhaps some bags in pinks, purples. turquoise, and lime green just 'cuz some folks like those for Christmas gifts.

Have fun!



LOL, guess that's a big "NO" to finishing Hallowe'en 1904 anytime soon. I'll be watching your progress!


Good luck Nicole, I know you can do it - nothing like a bit a pressure to make one productive.


Sounds like you have a plan...YOU can do it!!


One step (or stitch) at a time and all will be well. You can do it!

Debbie R.

Nothing like a deadline to get you going -- at least that's how I work. You've already identified the deadline and the fabrics, so, onwards. And now I should take your example and get going, too. I have a pile of scarves to complete for gifts. Like you, I have the deadline and the fabrics. All I need is to make the time to sew. Good luck! Look forward to seeing all the beauties you make!


Oh, I hate that kind of pressure. I've done Christmas crafts fairs and had the same problem, not getting started sooner. I always said, I'll start in January and continue through the year. Yeah, right. Never happened. Waited until the last minute. Hope you get a lot accomplished this week without very many interruptions and the stress doesn't give you a headache.


I'm beginning to think I need to start my Christmas sewing in January, Nicole! As it is, I started this year at the end of Sept. and am still sewing, although a tad closer to being done. Good luck - with your diligence, I'm sure you'll get it all done with time left over!


Clear the decks and get busy! Nothing like a deadline to get a quilter in high gear, just be careful with your rotary cutter later in the evening.


Good luck Nicole! I'll be interested to see you progress:) Always good to have a deadline to work towards.


Yes, the crunch is on! But I have complete faith that you can do it Nicole! Break it down into daily goals. You can do it!!!


I feel your pain! I start early(January) but still find myself rushing around in the end. ;p

I LOVE that shabby chic quilt! That is gorgeous!

May the quilting force be with you!


Necessities for marathon sewing... coffee, chocolate, fast paced music, running shoes, pre-round bobbins, cellphone on vibrate, and door bell disconnected. Sometimes helps to wear your jammies all day, too! Good luck!

Nancy Watkins

Your table runner is that blended look! Wish I was there to help!


Wow, good thing you found those blocks...what a great idea to use them up! Hopefully baby will cooperate and you'll have plenty of time to get it done. You can do it...who needs sleep :)

Linda Bishop

Hi, like you I always have good intentions. I always say I will get all my Christmas baking done in Septmber before it gets too hot. I did do it one year but this is not one of those years! I have made one Christmas cake so that's a start.

Just a thought - have you ever made Rug mugs my sneaky way with our binding? Could speed that job up a bit. You may like to check it out on my blog. Cheers

Bari Jo



You can do it! Maybe you are just a deadline worker like me? (Well, not exactly like me, because I get terribly lazy without a deadline. And I don't think you have had one lazy day this year...) You have selected great fabrics!

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