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December 06, 2012



Amen to the Fit To Be Geese Ruler!! The only way to make Flying Geese!!

Nancy  in Utah

Nicole, just a couple of things, I think your Row Along project will make wonderful table runners. I really love your fabric choices for this project. I enjoy all the brights that I'm seeing around blogland doing this project, but I think your fall colors are especially pretty. Also, as the wife of a Vietnam War, Marine Corps vet, I know how important a nice service related cap is to them, my hubby needs a new one also. Thanks for the idea, I will have to get him one for Christmas. Before I wrap this up, would you please give "Grandpa" my thanks for his service to our great country. It is, after all due to the sacrifices of so many men and women from all generations that we enjoy the freedoms we have. I'm so glad he takes pride in his military service....Big Hugs to you and your many 'charges'.


Nicole, based on your recommendation, and Thelma's, I have asked for a Fit to be Goose ruler for Christmas. No matter how careful I am when I prepare flying geese, they wind up being less than perfect (I totally understand your frustration w/ that "goose" row in your Row Along. Been there.)
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season.
(Please don't take time to respond to this comment - I can just imagine how busy you are). Take care!


Hello Nicole,

I just wanted to say that it was oddly comforting to have some one else who feels at times overwhelmed by all that is required in caring for an aging parent. I am looking after my mom and have four kids. It is all a bit much sometimes. I am happy to be there for mom but also every once in a while decide that I have had enough and that another solution for her care needs to be found. After about 24 hours of sleep and maybe a hot bath I feel that I can give it all another go. Remember to make some time for you each day.

Take care

Barbara Anne

Glad to hear from you!!

I agree that some of the rows from your Row Along top will make perfectly charming table runners. Good idea! Perhaps you can make what's left of the quilt top suit you if you divide the rows in half, then reassemble them in reverse order as the bottom of what would be a delightful wall hanging. Perhaps?

Cheers for sweet Grandpa's love for his family! I just did some on-line Christmas ordering for AMIL. She wanted two beautiful pewter Christmas ornaments to give her two younger sisters (Shirley Pewter Co.).

Brand new quilters are all so much fun! Their delight is so thick you can nearly cut it with a knife!! Hope your student learns there is nothing to fear about the iron except that lower edge and bottom. Do you need an aloe plant in your sewing room? Love the fabric being used for the zippy case! I know of one Mom, one Nana, and one sister who are going to be totally amazed and pleased when they open these gifts!! Applause, applause!

I have one of the two Shade Cascade wall hanging as finished as I can until the new fabric arrives. Will be sewing the 2nd one together today (I hope).



Glad you're OK and just very busy! Hats off to you for all you accomplish and for taking such good care to make sure family is first! No sewing room should be without Fit to Be Geese rulers! They are truly frustration-savers! Our friends' daughter doesn't iron often but needed to recently. Her 7-year-old asked, "'Mom, what's that?'" Both funny & scary on some level! Take care of yourself in all the fray!


Wow, you are one busy wife, mom, grandma, employee!! Your grandpa sounds soooo sweet, it is funny how they want just the perfect gift, my dad is the same way - only toys for kids for Christmas! As for your cutey patootie teen, I think they have some mylar type gloves you can get to protect your hands from burning. I don't have any but a friend purchased some from the beauty supply store for using with her tiny iron when she does starch applique. It may help her phobia :) Enjoy the rest of your week!


Nicole, I just want to say how grateful I am that you are sharing your sewing skills with this young woman. We just took it for granted growing up with a mother who sewed and knitted, it's a whole new world when you've never experienced it. And the glasses case--it's just the best I've ever seen, how fun!
By the way, I taught my niece how to knit the summer before she went to college. She has since far outpaced me with projects and skills--so fun to see.
Have a wonderful holiday season!


You need a commendation for all that you're doing Nicole! Bravo! How thrilling that your "student" is so willing and creative! And Grandpa - well - what a guy is all I can say!

Karen L.

Hi, Nicole - Have you seen nanacompany's holiday Tag-a-Long
Such cute tags and easy projects for the season!
Karen L.


Wow, you are very busy! Mentoring a student sounds fun, especially one so excited about learning. The ironing thing cracks me up. It seems I have ironed nearly every day of my life for decades because of sewing!

Grandpa deserves that new hat :)

I thought the row along was only going to be like 7 rows, but I could be wrong. I like your ideas for changing it up, though!


Two words for your cute student: Burn Free. You can get it at the drugstore. You put it on any burn, and it feels better right away, and disappears in no time. At Thanksgiving I actually touched my knuckle to the burner in my oven and left some skin on the burner as a souvenir. Burn Free, and in no time it was fine. I never even had a scab or scar or redness. My sister-in-law who is a nurse gave it to me originally.

Bari Jo

Agreed. That ruler changed my life! LOL... I love it and won't do a goose without it from here on out! I really really like your idea of making the row along into RUNNERS! Brilliant! My mind is racing with the possibilities! THANK YOU! xoxo (and I love how your love for Grandpa shows in your posts -and for your dad! :O) You are blessed indeed! I miss mine! And your posts make me SMILE! (some times bring tears, too! :O)


Grandpa sounds so cute! It's so nice that he still wants to buy presents and likes to choose his own gifts for people. I hope I remain that way forever too. I must giggle at your ironing comment. Not many of us do it anymore. I iron when something I want to wear needs ironing. I found that if I had an ironing basket it just didn't get done and things didn't get put away. I understand the fear of the iron. When my kids want to help me craft I get quite edgy watching them trying to iron the pieces and keeping their hands away.

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