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January 28, 2013


Gertie Pye

I think you were wherever Thelma was, as she has just posted a photo of the same quilt! Hope you get your heating fixed soon - ours broke 3 times last week (it only ever breaks when the temperature drops below freezing - useful eh?). Maybe wrap yourself up in a cozy quilt until it is fixed! x

Mary Kastner

I think you went South to Road to Ca. I was there too for the first time. Four of us quilt crazy ladies took a road trip. Great fun! I hope you had a good time too!



Hope you had fun. When our electricity was out last week, I was so glad I am a quilter not a scrap booker! Hope you were able to get warm.

Stephani in TX

I bet you took The Road to CA! I went to a small quilt show in that area probably 40 years ago. It was the quilty work done by inmates of the Chino women's prison. It was the ONE show I went to where I convinced myself I needed to learn to quilt. Very inspiring. I have now made easily over 100 quilts. But, none like the quilt in your photo which is over the moon. It's good to be inspired.

Stephani in TX

P.S. Go stay with Eva or Grampa till the heating & cooling guy-fixer can meet you at your house! Hope you warm up soon!

Barbara Anne

So sorry your home is too cold to be comfy. I agree with Stephani that you should bunk with E or Grandpa until all is cozy once more. Where is Ozzie staying? You might go there or take him with you to the warm place. Hope your heating is repaired today.

I had no clue about the quilt and where you and your friends went. Love the beautiful Feathered Star quilt. I don't aspire to make one Feathered Star, much less five! That amazing border is also daunting.



Sure hope you can get a repairman out today! That quilt is beautiful as are the other ones showing up in Blogland! Glad you were able to meet up with friends for a fun getaway!! So fun!

Nancy Watkins

Stay warm!


Hmmm... wherever Thelma was, so were you. There's nothing worse than being either too hot or too cold. Second thoughts, too hot is worse for quilters - at least we have piles of quilts to keep warm under.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

You were with Thelma! Lucky you to go to the Road to CA! Sorry abt the heat!


LaConner, Washington would be quite a jaunt for a retreat but the quilt museum there is my guess.


Glad you were able to meet up with Thelma! Sorry about your heat not working. BRRRR!


It looks like a Rhonda Beyer quilt??? Were you in Oregon? I know RTC was just on, but that seems too easy to guess!


I hope the thermostat is fixed quickly!!!

That quilt is stunning!!! Thank you for sharing!


Lucky!!! I'm pretty sure you were hanging with Thelma...what fun! Going to Road to CA is on my bucket list :)

Karen C in San Diego

That quilt was one of my favorites at the show! Wasn't the quilting fabulous?! I came home to a leaking water heater. DH is attempting to replace it as I type. I'm ready for a hot shower.


I LOVE that quilt!!! Beautiful! Dang! Sorry you're freezing...go to grandpa's....he has heat and would enjoy your company. ;p

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