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January 29, 2013



I'm finding the backs of quilts fascinating also. I'm glad you had a nice getaway.

It's been cold here in Utah - for weeks. I know just how you feel. Hopefully the thermostat is fixed quickly.

Barbara Anne

Cheers for having lots of fun with quiltie friends!

Those are amazing quilt backs! I had never thought of paying attention to my quilt backs so they would be astonishing as these are. I try to use pretty fabric on the backs of my quilts so they are nice on both sides, but the quilting is more difficult to see on such fabrics.

Sorry you're still cold. Hope what ails your heating system will be fixed today.



I have been looking at the backs of quilts for years thanks to the way quilts are displayed at the annual "Sisters Quilt Show" I live so close to....
But can you tell me about the 2nd quilt you showed the back of with the north west design on the front.... Is that a panal, pieced, painted? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
Good luck on getting your heat fixed but as a note I keep my heat turned pretty low in winter and real low at night and have found a night cap day or night helps keep me very confey!


Love the backs! I also like the second quilt, very cool! Can't wait to see the rest of your show and tell :)


Hey! I saw the back of that quilt too! But I totally missed that green feathered star--the hazard of taking a non-quilter with me, I didn't want to bore her by standing too long and drooling in front of the quilts :) Glad you had a getaway and experienced the vagaries of our SoCal weather this year.

Debbie R.

Looking forward to seeing more quilty goodness from last week -- yours and others'!


Thank goodness for handyman Bill! thermastat is easy to replace! ;p If you keep'll stay unfreezing.


The backs are fascinating because it's like a whole 'nother quilt! What fun!

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