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January 22, 2013


Jennifer G

You really love to make bags! Glad you didn't get too burned out on them last year. You do great handwork and they turn out sew cute!



Nancy Watkins

How cute are they?! Love them!


Cute little bags! Love the fabrics :)

Kymberlie R. McGuire

This is Typepad support testing your comments. Feel free to delete this.

Karen L.

Great bags, Nicole. BTW - Happy Polka Dot day (according to Barbara Brackman)

Karen L.


I took the original post down and republished it.  That seemed to fix things.  Thanks.


I like my bags lined too. I want to see pretty when I open the bag...not selvages! ;p


You & those bags! oh, wait! That's me, too! Nothing cuter than a fun new bag! Thanks for the pattern/tutorial info! I'm off to do my 'research!'


ADORABLE!! Love those fabrics, Lori has some real cuties in all her lines! I will definitely have to take a look and make a few for my girls...well... and me too! :)

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