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February 21, 2013



Yep! That's a winner.

Barbara Anne

Excellent rulers! Are they in stores yet? There's nothing that is better for a project than tools that help with accuracy. Way to go, Monique!

Has the snow turned to mud yet?



What do you do with the triangles you cut off?
Why not start with a square 1/2" bigger than what you finished with and add the proper size 1/2 square triangles to make a square in a square? No leftovers!


It sure helps when you have the right tools for the job!


I take it you have not seen Deb Tucker's rulers? Check them out at www.studio180design. She has many different ones with free tutorials to go with them. I have been a fan since her first 'Tucker Trimmer'. My blocks are always exact! and one ruler can be used for different blocks...L

Jennifer G

I just finished my alternate block for Month 2 last night! Can't wait to see the next block unveiled next Friday!! Love the rulers by Monique. I just started using them this past month because I thought ... "Oh, how much of a difference could another ruler make?". Well, a LOT. Glad I gave it a try!


Dang! I love that ruler! Have to get one...thanks, Nicole! ;p

Debbie R.

That looks like one wonderful ruler. Can't wait to see the whole block.

Nancy Watkins

I think I need these!


I bought the rulers for the BOM and just finished up my second set, using Jo Morton fabric...can't wait to see block 3 on Friday!

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