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February 13, 2013


Sue watters

Photo's look great to me and thanks for the tutorial I shall be trying that one for sure.


OMG I can't believe it. I have been SO JEALOUS of people who have this stitch on their machines. I didn't realize that I have it on my machine too--until you showed me!
Stitch #4. It was looking right at me every day for the last 15 years. Thank you SO SO MUCH!


I have used this stitch on a large string quilt. I used the arm thingy that comes with the walking foot to guide the distance between rows. seeing it your sashing reminds me of where I can use it again!


I can't wait to try it!!

Nancy Watkins

Thanks for the tip! I didn't realize I could do that on my machine either. I have yet to try my own machine quilting but one of these days.........


I saw that on Cammile's post and immediately I went to my machine and found it. I practiced on a piece of fabric and bat, and found I loved it too! At first I was wondering if the in's and out's had to line up exactly across from each other, but in the whole scheme of things, I decided that they really didn't have to. I have failed miserable at learning FMQ, so this serpentine stitch gives me something other than straight stitching! Off to adorn my Spool's wall hanging!

Sandy M

So funny that you mentioned this stitch. We must be in tune. I read Camille's post and went to my machine to discover the equivalent stitch. I have an Elna so I did have to dig a bit to find it but I was so happy that I did! I have a quilt that I was planning on quilting but wanted to do something a bit more than the straight lines and this fit the bill perfectly.
I must say that the exercise definitely made me look more closely at the stitches on my machine. It taught me that each stitch can change based on your stitch width and length settings. I agree that everyone should play with their machine more often.

Denise in PA

I saw that in Camille's post and bookmarked i. Thanks for the tutorial - I'm bookmarking yours too - I am so doing this!!! o:)

Barbara Anne

How cool is that stitch - and I have it on my machine, too!!!!!!!!! A bazillion thanks for the link to Camille's tutorial, too. Glory be!

Like Sandy wrote, I really need to play with my machine to learn what it will do.

You have inspired me once again!



Yipee...I am totally bookmarking this. Thanks for posting this.


I saw this on Camille's blog and am dying to try it.


Oh wow, I hope my little Janome has it too! It looks as though the stitch is what I call "multi-stitch zigzag". I can't wait to play with it tonight and see if that is the case. THank you!


I did previously see Camille's post and loved her idea. My machine has a wavy curved line button that I have used often, as well as this same three-step zig-zag stitch, which is great for bindings sewn to the front of the quilt. Great use of your machine!


I'm so glad that you posted about this today. My machines only do straight stitch, so I was looking for a new machine. Now I know that I want this stitch included on the next machine I get. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer G

This serpentine stitch was also featured in a very small dialog box in the latest BHG Quilts & More magazine. At the end of the "Just the Ticket" pattern. Cute pattern BTW, thinking of using it for my Dad who goes to the movies every weekend. Thanks for the post Nicole!


Thanks for the tip! I've seen people use it but haven't tried it myself. Need to see more student intern stuff, I was wondering what she had been up to :)


That is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the detailed info. (I wonder if there are other stitches that can be used in this manner).


Too funny! This stitch is on my old Berninas and I LOVE it - it is my go-to stitch for machine-quilting... oh wait, it's my only go-to stitch for machine quilting! I love it - I've used it three times this week to machine quilt some little quilts for my class this weekend!

The stitch also works beautifully in any basic straight-line design - cross-hatching and "hanging diamonds". It's that versatile. :)


I have to write and tell you that I quilted the border of my grandson's new quilt with that wavy-line quilting. Quilted five rows equally spaced from each other all around the border, and it came out with such great texture! I will have to take a picture and send it to you. Thanks so much again!

Bari Jo

Thank you - I will go see what I can come up with on my ancient Pfaff! Hope that it will do this!

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