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February 22, 2013



Beautiful! Can't wait to see it come together.


I've used this ruler and my quilt was perfect. Love the red.


I saw Cathy's quilt too and had admired it when she posted earlier.....gotta go on "the list", especially since it is RED. I think I have the ruler somewhere. Thanks for the links, will be going there.



Oh, no you didn't! Oh, yes you did! This block swirls in my mind all the time. It's on the to-do list. Now you have brought it to life in just a couple of hours! Your blocks will be beautiful!


Ooh my heart just about stopped when I saw your block!! It's beautiful and now I know what I'm going to make out of all my collected FG fabrics. Thank you so much for posting all this information!!


I am in the same boat as you....I love Cathy's quilt too!!! I, however do not have the ruler..yet. :-). I found a brief YouTube video demonstration of how to use the ruler if anyone or you are interested. Looks like you have mastered the task already. Here is the link

Cathy McMann

Wow, that was fast! Your block looks great; I think you put on one more round than I did.

Funny about you having the ruler already. That happened to me when Thelma blogged about a half square triangle ruler. It looked like a must-have tool but I vaguely recalled having something similar so went looking in my tool drawer. Wouldn't you know, I had it already; probably purchased at a quilt show but not used yet.

Barbara Anne

Cathy's quilt is wonderful and I appreciate all of the helpful links in your post. Your block is one perfect start to your own quilt.

Hang onto your hats, ladies, Nicole is on a Pineapple Blitz! As fast as Nicole is at sewing, this quilt top might well be nearly finished by the time Monday arrives.


Tracey Holzer

I just bought that ruler last Saturday! Then a friend told me to use the paper foundation method instead because the blocks will turn out more accurate. After seeing your block and learning that you think that the ruler is faster, I think that I'll give the ruler a shot. Thanks for the tutorial links.


I have had the ruler, book, and strips ready for such a project for a few years, but I was hesitant to usual, your blog has encouraged me to try something new. I will be doing this in creams and pastels for a softer look, but wouldn't it be cute in yellows and greens and browns, like a real pineapple? Maybe.
Also, finally finished Halloween 1904, thanks to your posts. Can't decide how to quilt it yet. Anyway, thanks for all you do.

Dresden Quilter

You always have such amazing taste. I have this ruler and one of their books. I had been thinking about making a pineapple quilt for a niece or nephew due in April. I want to make this one right now!

Jennifer G

Hmmmm, me thinks this could be a perfect pattern for my new Thelma bundle! Cathy's finished quilt top is beautiful! I can't wait to see how big you will make yours as well...

Robin Chapa

Ok-- just have to throw this out there.... what's so mega stunning about that quilt for me is THE BORDER!!!!!!! Those subtle neutrals all nudged up together in a pineapple block that PERFECTLY compliments the rest of the quilt. Swoon. I'm smitten.


Beautiful block! I agree, pressing can easily distort all those bias edges. I tend to have a heavy hand with the iron and have to be really mindful. Love all those great red prints.


Wow, that is one beautiful red pineapple block! It will be so pretty when it all comes together. Cathy's quilt is stunning!


This is one of my favorite rulers EVER - I made four pineapple quilts when it came out... a very long time ago.

The paper-piecing method is terrific, and it is probably the best one for small blocks with narrower strips. But I agree with you - if as long as you're careful with pressing, and you've been accurate with your seams and cutting, you'll get excellent results.

The other method that comes around every couple of years is the "connector corner" method. The results are good but oy... it wastes a lot of fabric.

The hilarious thing is that I pulled out my ruler a few weeks ago and started cutting strips to make a pineapple quilt too. But don't worry... mine is different. It has a little tweak to it. :)

Of course, now that I've seen yours and Cathy's...

Debbie R.

Beautiful block. Great inspiration from Cathy's quilt and your first block. Yummy. Another project on my to do list that needs to move up the list.

Nancy Watkins

How do you find the time Nicole? I just can't seem to find time to make all the quilt patterns I want to sew up. I have had that ruler and book since it came out and never used it, although my mother did for placements. The ruler and book are at her house so I'll have to go get it because I think I'm in trouble now! Simply love this!


I am printing out the link right now... I bought the ruler years ago to take a Pineapple Quilt class but never went... I never had instructions for it before. It has remained on my bucket list. Your red block looks like a start to something very good!


I love Cathys quilt and have been thinking about it , I happen to have that book and ruler too thanks for the info , I am a visual person too so that helps a lot! LOL
hmm I think I just have to make one block and see how I like it :)
famous last words, just one !!!!!!


I've always wanted to do a pineapple quilt, and got a ruler and book and started. Complete frustration! I actually gave the book and ruler away. I don't think it was this same ruler though. Maybe I'll be brave one day and try again. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy yours. It looks to be beautiful!

Judith Richards Shubert

The red pineapple block is Beautiful!! Makes me want to stop working on this genealogy project right now and go find that ruler! Thanks for the post. Hope you finish the project in record time. Sounds like you will.

Bari Jo

W.O.W. That is a wonderful quilt - and now I want to make one of these, too!! I am in love with all these red and white quilts but I am SO AFRAID of the reds running.... do you wash all your reds before you start a quilt like that? I've never washed my stash, just cut straight from the fat quarters (after ironing/spraying etc) Would love to know how you handle the reds in quilts etc.... you know... in your spare time! LOL :O)

Stephani in TX

Another knock-out on the way, Nicole. Going to be gorgeous and very red! Love it!


Thanks for the link to Kathy's blog. I've never been there before and really like her quilts and style, so I've added it to my follow list! Your pineapples will look lovely too. Can't got wrong with French General reds!

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