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February 08, 2013



Ha ha, to funny!
I feel for you, I too have a furry terrorist :-) (or 3) life would be totaly boring without them.
I babysat my daughters dogs last weekend. After leaving the room for a few minutes I returned to find her little boy on my sewing table with his leg hicked, I screamed, he peed faster! All over my sewing machine........ She recieved several colourful text and the machine was quickly stripped and serviced! (thanks sweetie) Needless to say, he's no longer allowed in grandmaws sewing room!
Your little man sure is handsome.
Thanks for the chuckle,

Toni Anne

That's so funny! You let him live because he's soooo cute. He might drive you crazy but that's what probably keeps you sane. Does that make sence? Give Ozzie a pet for me, have a happy weekend. ;->


Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Thanks for the pictures of Ozzie this morning.Hope he behaves today.


He's so cute. You want help but laugh at that yarn all over his head.


Wow! How'd he end up on your machine? Now that I'm impressed with. My dog Gabriel can match him for the rest, but she's never gotten on the table. However, one time we fed her some raw fish for dinner. Instead of eating it, she decided it would be much better to pull it out of her bowl, drag it into the living room and roll around on it on the carpet. She has a penchant for rolling in dead stuff and other things that smell just as bad. Your stomach must hurt from laughing so hard at him. But laughter's great exercise and also good for your heart!


Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie. You make Nicole's life a huge adventure! Thanks for the smiles this morning.

Mary Kastner

That is hilarious (for me not you). We have had a rough week around here (home invasion with my husband here!). All is fine with the exception of I no longer have an iPad and my nerves are shot. I really needed to smile and this definitely made my day. Good luck with that dog. He is definitely a constant challenge.


Sherry V.

With a face like that how can you ever not smile??!!

He just wants to make sure that he gets his share of attention.




Love your pics. Made my day to see other people have pets just like mine. My husband gave me a little Yorkie for Christmas and we have had several discussions about the iron cord and fabric and quilt pieces and various other fascinating items around the house. Enjoy!

Nancy  in Utah

Ahhhh...cute, cute Ozzie. He is just trying to keep you on your toes Nicole, and seems he does a fine job of it, LOL. Way cute furry kid. Hugs to you and scratches to Ozzie...

Tracey Holzer

Too cute!


A whole Ozzie post! Yippee! I was happy to see him in his favorite chair in the background the other day and now, a whole blog entry just about him! The shoes are his biggest coup (shining glory/finest accomplishment??) don't you think? He always makes me smile!

Barbara Anne

Thanks for the laughs this morning but I realize it's not all funny. I'd still be in mourning for those cute shoes. What a charming and adorable tormentor you have in Ozzie!

Perhaps Ozzie is the class clown - as long as someone is laughing or chasing him, he'll perform. Where is the nearest dog behavior modification class?! :)

I enjoyed the Ozzie post!


Michele Gailey

Love your post this morning! What hilarity! Laughter is good medicine, we need more laughter in our lives. I just love that your granddaughter's first words were Leave It ! Ha! you've made my day. The best photo is the one with the yarn. Just a hoot.

Jan @ Quilting Revolution

It's a strange sensation to "GASP" and giggle at a post...all at the same time. :-) Glad you have a good sense of humor over his shenanigans....

Paulette Doyle

Too's the FACE that has saved him every time!! Adorable...right??

Jennifer G

Sweetie. I would advise getting him a friend, but that would likely backfire on you and you would be chasing two of them! Just wait until Eva gives you the same runaround! It won't be long!


What's not to love!?! Did I ever show you a picture of the quilt Maggie ate a piece out of? I'll have to post about that......

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Ozzie is wonderful, in spite of all the destruction. How could one not love him? I remember those shoes. You could write children's stories about Ozzie (or horror stories).


OMG! Hilarious photos, of not so hilarious behavior :)


Oh what a clown. But, just look at that face. You gotta love a face like that!

Nancy Watkins

How could you NOT let him live...he is so freaking cute! Thanks for the update on Ozzie. I think that post above about writing children's books about him would be great!

Linda Kay

He is so cute - that's why he can get away with all that!

Mary L.

Have you seen this website?
Owners have left pictures of their dogs and the horrible things they have gotten into. Yours would be perfect.

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