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February 14, 2013



You can't make a bad decision when it comes to basket blocks. Seeing you work on this project makes me want to find another basket block pattern to work on along with you.

Here's a link to how I made my basket blocks. I did not use the same method as called for by Lisa in the pattern.

Happy Valentines Day!

Gertie Pye

I love Thelma's quilt - the red makes it a signature Thelma quilt doesn't it? And basket blocks are so sweet. Your test block is looking great - really looking forward to seeing how this one develops x

Audrey Bretz

Why oh why do I think I need to make every single one of your quilts?? Our tastes are so similar and I fall in love with each one! This one will be beautiful as usual!


It is such a lovely quilt and will be fun to make.....I am rooting for you!


I think your way is magnificent!! What a pretty quilt this one will be!!

Nancy Watkins

Oh, gosh, I am in love with that little basket!


What a great friend Thelma is to send you her leftovers. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I think whichever you decide to do will look lovely. I'll have to remember the trick to get so many 1/2 square triangle units out of a charm square. I have on my list to make a red and white quilt after seeing so many lovely ones. I'm in the process of collecting reds now.

Barbara Anne

Love the quilt Thelma made from her stash and the Cherry Baskets pattern! Those scrappy red "setting triangles" that square up each basket really add sparkle as does that narrow pieced black border. Well done, Thelma! Applause!!

I have to agree that Thelma is a stellar friend to send you her leftover triangles.

All of y'all who fly thru piecing quilt top after quilt top just amaze me! I stand in awe.



You certainly are channeling Thelma on this quilt, making it your own in every way. It's so pretty !


I am looking forward to watching this journey of a quilt unfold. Thanks for sharing. As for Thelma's quilt it is just too stunning for words.

Sandy M

Wow, we really are in sync this week. I saw this quilt on Pintrest over the weekend and I was smitten. I had completely forgotten that Thelma had made it and started my search for the pattern (I knew it was by Lisa) but could not find it anywhere. Of course I couldn't find it, it was in a book! Not that the book is any easier to find, lol!
I don't think you can go wrong any way you make those baskets. The pattern is just stunning.


I love that you are doing it your way. makes perfect sense to me. Me the one that can't follow a pattern from beginning to end ever!

Jennifer G

I'm so glad to see that Hill Country Baskets hasn't turned you off of other great basket patterns! Have a wonderful Valentine Day! Will you be taking your father-in-law out for a special lunch?


Wow, love Thelma's quilt and your little basket :) you are on such a roll already this year! Can't wait to see what you decide to do...I'm like the other person who commented that they want to make every quilt you do :) I see baskets in my future!

Mother Goose

Thelma's quilt is gorgeous and the quilting by Lisa is stellar. What a beautiful keepsake. Keep inspiring us.

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