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March 20, 2013


Barbara Anne

What a sweet and useful idea! Love those happy fabrics, too.

Achy, chilled, with fever last night and this morning so am glad that blog posts are germ-free!

Blog hugs are germ-free, too!


wonderful idea. I have take the not-thick center diapers & given them a 2" or so border also to be matching burp clothes, but I like yours better.

Gertie Pye

These are so lovely! Almost too nice to get covered in baby spitup!

Linda Kay

What a clever idea. It looks easy enough to be able to whip some of these up in no time! Thanks for the idea.

Sandy M

My daughter used to call her burp cloths "mimi's" they were used more as blankies than for burping. My mother crocheted a ruffle on the bottom and had embroidery patterns hand painted onto them. I loved them! I know my baby loved them too!
They are an essential in any baby bassinet.
Thanks for explaining how you made them. I'm hoping I can start making a batch for my grand babies soon... I hope.

Jennifer G

Yes, I echo Gertie Pye. I had a projectile burper when my son was born. I don't think I could let these get that soiled. Nice decoration for a baby room though!


My kids were big droolers and spitters, so I was constantly using these. How well do they wear? I'm worried if I give someone these they will fall apart after a few washings. Thanks for sharing!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Very cute! I have made many too. ;-)


I've made some of those too, Nicole! My husband's niece had picked out a specific line at Target for her nursery and I bought a set of flannel receiving blankets and cut one up to make matching burp cloths like yours. Rick rack trim pretties them up too. I want to make more but couldn't find those diapers at my Target last time I was there. May have to go to the dreaded Wal-Mart...

Lizz Kerr

These. Are. Darling!

Bari Jo

Super cute - great idea!

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