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March 26, 2013


Barbara Anne

The two blocks do have astonishingly different looks due to fabric choices and placement. Whodathunk it would make such a striking difference?

With the endless whirlwind of my life in the past 4 months, I haven't made even the January blocks ... but I do have the patterns and the fabrics chosen.

After our guest leaves tomorrow, perhaps I can fall apart for a day or two and then get back to a normal schedule. I hope so!


JoAnne McPherson

I'm keeping up with this project. When I post my pictures on my blog, I get lots of comments about how different the blocks look. I have to say that the challenge of making them look so different is what really excites me about this project! I can't wait for the new blocks. Thanks for the peek.

Karen L.

ooh, Nicole - seriously cool blocks! I haven't had time to join in but I'm going to have to rethink my time management!

Karen L.


Thanks for the sneak peak and just so different looking for the same it!


I really look forward to the first of the month for the next block pattern! The ones you showed us today don't help any...only a few more days to wait!!! This has been a great project & I'm enjoying the fun!


I am anxiously awaiting the pattern. I know fabric choices can make a big difference but this really shouts that out.

Thanks for sharing.


It's amazing that even though the blocks are the same, they look so different with a change of fabric. This is going to be a fabulous quilt, and I like your choice of fabric, especially the purple in the second block.

Jennifer G

What a tease! Can't wait for Monday to roll around. Your blocks are looking great - have you started on the sashing work?

Debbie R.

What great-looking blocks!

Bari Jo

Your piecing is perfection! (and I loved the picture of the lilac bush!!!)

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