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March 19, 2013



I love this stitch too and I kick myself for not using it sooner. I did it on my Scrappy Trip quilt and it looks like ric rac to me and looks so good with this quilt. There must be other stitches on our Berninas we haven't discovered. I'm going to have to do some investigating here today seeing how we are getting yet another foot of snow today and I'm not going anywhere.

Pat C in Washington

This is my go-to stitch when quilting my charity quilts! I have a Bernina 180 and I use stitch #4 elongated, but I call it "Stitch in the Vicinity of the Ditch" :D


I don't have a Bernina but I do have a machine with lots of stitches. I am going to investigate when I get home tonight. I love the way it looks and since I have a quilt top for a baby that needs quilting I sure hope my machine can do something at least similar. (Or maybe I will just cheat and borrow my sister's Bernina!)

Pamela Kieffer

Thank you. I am going to give that a try. Neat!

Audrey Bretz

I have a Janome 6600. Do any of your readers have a suggestion for a similar stich on this machine? I am looking forward to trying something similar to this!

Barbara Anne

Thanks for this more detailed bit of instructions for the Wiggle Stitch! I think it will do nicely for several projects that need to be quilted and I am happy my machine is just like yours!



I've used this lots of times. Back when I lived in Hawaii there was a group (and still is) making Kid Comfort quilts for the children of deployed soldiers. They featured photo transfers of the soldier and family members. We used this stitch to quilt them. It was always called the "serpentine stitch" when we discussed it.


It looks a lot like a three step zigzag. That's my mom's go to zigzag stitch for garment sewing because it's easier to maneuver for a straighter line than a traditional zigzag stitch. We also use it for a decorative topstitch on casual items like bags and placemats. A great versatile stitch apparently! I've never thought of widening it like that though...pretty and something to remember. Thanks for the idea!

Sandy M

On the Elna 740 it's stitch 19. I soo miss my 'real' machine. The old machine I'm using while my baby is at the repair shop doesn't have this stitch. :(


I can't wait to try this out! I saw your last post about it, but haven't had a project to do it on yet.

Paulette Doyle

Thanks for sharing...will do some experimenting on my Janome!! Fingers crossed!!


I love how forgiving this stitch is! I'm using it now on a couch quilt for a soon to be college grad. It is #26 on my Janome MC6600 machine. I call it the serpentine stitch, or if I'm hungry, the lasagna stitch as then it looks like lasagna noodles to me. Thanks for sharing.


I shared this stitch with my sewing group friends last week. One of the ladies knew it as 'serpentine stitch' when I described it as #4 on a Bernina. That may be the technical name but I'm sticking with your official 'wiggle stitch' name! Call it what you will; I love the look & forgiveness it offers!!!


That's the stitch I'm going to use the next time I quilt something simple. I have a 1090 so my stitch length will be longer than 2.5. What width did you set yours at?


No, I'm late to the party too, but I did try it out, and I love the results.


I believe the "Wiggly" stitch is also referred to as a Serpentine stitch. I don't have it on my current machine, and yes it is very forgiving. I just love all the quilts you are working on.

Lynne in Hawaii

I have never seen the stitch on any machine other than a Bernie. You just can't the smoothness of the wiggles on any other machine.


Great demo and info! I've seen this stitch used and thy always rave about it so will have to give it a try :)

Stephanie Neumann

I have the Janome Horizon 7700 and am doing this stitch on a quilt I am working on now. It is the #11 utility stitch (zigzag) and I have set my width to 5 and length to 4. Play with it a bit to see what you like. I have done a couple of variations switching up the length and width but I seem to like the 5 and 4 best.


I shall have to try this out. I don't think my Pfaff has the stitch but I think I could extend out a zig zag to do similar.

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