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March 21, 2013


Nancy  in Utah

Nicole, I have been reading about your student since you first began posting about teaching her. But I was thinking this morning that I have never commented on how wonderful I think it is for you to be sharing your quilting talents with this young woman and spreading the joy of creating something that comes straight from heart and hands to becomes something beautiful, that will in turn bring joy an beauty into another persons life. The thing for me about quilting, is that when you finish your project, you can not only admire your work, but you can wrap yourself up in it for warmth an comfort, for years to come. Or in the case of your student, give that gift of comfort and warmth to someone in distress, or need, knowing that they can literally wrap up in the love she has sewn into it. So thank you Nicole, for keeping this passion of ours going on and on!!! Hugs for you and your student...
***I also love Friendship Star blocks, one of very favorites and I think hers are so lovely.

Karen L.

Nicole - This is wonderful. You have changed the course of this young woman's life.

Karen L.


How exciting to see this young lady catching the quilting fever. I have two of Ursula's books, and can't say enough about how easy her patterns and directions are. Even for an experienced quilter who just needs to make a quick and easy quilt.


I think your first commenter, Nancy in Utah, said it eloquently for all of us. You are doing a wonderful thing for this young lady & she will never forget your gift. What a legacy!


I still remember the ladies that taught me in 4 grade to knit, in 9th grade to crochet, and later my first sewing teacher. They all left an impact on my life like you have on this young lady, Congratulation for inspiring someone to create and enjoy!


You have made a life long memory..

Barbara Anne

The first Friendship Star for the baby quilt is just so sweet! The fabric choices are perfect and the sewing was perfect, too! Applause!

I believe everyone needs a creative outlet of some sort, and the gift of your time and the lessons have opened a delightful world of fabrics, colors, and deep satisfaction for your eager student. How glorious!!


Tracey Holzer

I also want to say how great it is of you to take time out of your busy life to pass your quilting skills on to this girl. I think she has a fabulous teacher!


What a wonderful experience for both of you. It's not always easy to learn new things, and it certainly not always easy to teach them. Mutual growth is a treat for both of you.


Echoing what everyone else has said, what a wonderful gift you have given to this young lady turned quilter! She will no doubt treasure this knowledge/skill and will always have a soft spot in her heart for her "Teacher Nicole". The pink fabric is delightful and that star block is beautiful.

Jennifer G

If you are going to continue to do more quilts with her, I'm happy to send a bit of fabric your way. Just let me know!

Denise in PA

Oh my goodness - that was the first quilt book I ever bought - and I made my first completed quilt out of it! o:)


I agree with Nancy. It's so kind of you to take your time to inspire and help this young girl - take her under your wing as it were. As I've read your postings about her, I've wished I could be that new student. I'm new to quilting and while I've learned a lot from your blog, getting help in person would be even better. She's a very fortunate young lady to have you at her side.


Another one crosses over to the dark side...tell her, "We have cookies." ;p


This is such a wonderful project to be involved in - great for both of you.

Barbara Anne

Back to add one more thing, Nicole.

I call my quilting mentor my "Quiltie Mama" and she was my boss in 1992. Kay brought a quilt she had finished to work and when I admired it, she said it was easy to make and asked if I want to learn how to make quilts. Kay took me to my first quilt shop, suggested the tools to buy, and helped me choose fabric for my first quilt. That was just the beginning of all the help and encouragement she was. I felt like I'd been given wings and taught to fly!



The pink blocks are very pretty, looks like your student is learning her lessons well. I have one of Ursula's books and it is the first one I go to when I need a quick, stress free baby quilt.


Funny how most often those that are our students listen to us so much better than those who live with us! I'm a middle school teacher and those kids are more well behaved and willing to follow instructions than my own kids, or from their own parents. Keep up the great work with your student.

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