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March 14, 2013



This is going to be one beautiful quilt. Love the gorgeous reds.


It's going to be a beautiful quilt!


It's going to be a stunning quilt!

Barbara Anne

Well done on persevering thru to get all of those joyous reds cut for your many pineapple blocks! Applause! Knowing you and your speed, you'll work thru the dizziness that might accompany going 'round and 'round your block centers. Take care to get your balance when you stand up. :)

No sewing here in a week but DS2 is moved in next door and so far, we've all survived but we're really feeling our ages. Oh, the aches!


Sue Babich

A French General Pineapple quilt ! This is going to be one GORGEOUS quilt !!!!!!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Very fine looking INDEED!


Yes it is!


This is going to be a stunning quilt! I can't wait to see it!!


The makings of a fabulous, eye-popping red quilt!

Jennifer G

Can't wait! Can't wait!


Fine looking indeed!


It's going to be very nice, are you paper piecing? Would love to make one of those quilts, but would need to paper piece for accuracy.

Debbie R.

Congratulations on getting through the prep work of cutting. Such a lot of work. But what a joy to be able to now just sit and sew when you have the chance. And what a glorious blocks they are going to be!

Helen in Switzerland

Oooh gorgeous!


Love it! I am also making one, only NOT using ruler..using the foundation paper sheets. I probably won't start until the fall or late summer. Can not wait to see yours done!


Oooh aaaah! Love the red and white block with the French General fabrics. I've made a pineapple block before, lot of work but worth the time in the end. I look forward to see the finished project.


It will be beautiful! You get so much done always! Right now I am in the bowels of moving to a new home and haven't been able to sew for soooo long. You give me hope that maybe after I am all settled I will back at it. I certainly have a wonderful new sewing room waiting for me and boxes of fabric I haven't seen for over a year. Carry on Nicole! You're my inspiration!


It sure is going to be one fine quilt! Quick question - are you using paper piecing to make the blocks? Sorry, I've forgotten if you've already written this.


That is going to be a beautiful quilt! ;p

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