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March 15, 2013



That's pretty poor for a 'high quality' product; I'd be getting in touch with the company, they might just replace it for you.


And, may I add 'eeeeeuuuuuuwwwwwwwww, gross'!!! to your 'ick!' So glad you didn't use it without seeing what it looks like! The results may have been equal to or worse than the legendary home waxing 'incident!'

Barbara Anne

Faith and begorrah, wee bonnie lass! What an icky shade of green that is.

It just shows you need light and glasses before slathering yourself with anything. I have done this before, too. I was so young that I couldn't read yet and I had a very itchy foot. I carefully got the pink stuff out of the bathroom closet and rubbed it all over my foot. Yep, my mother came in and asked why I was putting Pepto Bismol on my foot. Take about ICK!

It's the Ides of March, so beware - if your name is Caesar!



ROFL! That is sad and hilarious at the same time.....glad no real permanent damage done!


Lol! Wonder how long you'll have that green oval spot, hopefully it washed right out! You always make me laugh :)


ROFL!! I am so happy for you that the lights were on!

While I had read that self-tanner is one of those things you should always buy new every year and not "save" - and never ever "stock up" when it's on sale, I had never seen actual proof of what could happen! Though it might have made for a funny story. Eventually.

Come on... you might live to be 238. It would be funny by then. :)


YUCK! Remember, fair skin is in! That's what I tell myself as I put on sunscreen and a hat. ;p

Paula Zumaris

Nicole, you never fail to entertain! Where would we be without you!!


Ha! Ha! I'm so glad you looked before applying. Could have been disastrous!

Lori in South Dakota

the colors reminds me of "weird alien" syfy movies! Well, and goose poop--but who holds their hand out for the goose to poop in??! No--you don't use goose poop as a self tanning product!


Sickening! Mostly that you paid a lot of money for stuff that was organic and rotted. Ew.

However, that color green is one of my faves!

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