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March 07, 2013



Nicole, what size are the neutral squares in this quilt? I am looking for a pattern for a signature quilt, and wondering if this lovely one may work. (I wouldn't make it as large as yours. Wow)
Loved your Little Black Dress table runner!


Love this quilt Nicole. And what is it about having more responsibility at this stage in life? We are supposed to be ladies of leisure.

Gertie Pye

Another really lovely quilt Nicole. The variety of different neutrals makes my eye dance around looking at them all! I really must find the space for a design wall - so much easier to see the blocks than on the bed - but I fear it would mean either removing wardrobes or stealing children's bedrooms!


It is looking great, Nicole! I agree, it is a hugely labor-intensive quilt to construct. I remember finishing mine at Quilt Camp, which we have each summer in the home ec room where I taught. Those bulletin boards came in handy for design wall purposes!


Looks great!! I like your style of quilts, and I look forward to see you posts. They give me ideas!

Stephani in TX

Look at you! What a flying start to new quilt conquests in 2013. Love the Long Road Home with lots of pieces. Daylight savings will really get you in the mood with longer days to linger in the quilt room. I too, have new starts but trying to work in finishing those half-parts that need completion. Thanks for the inspiration.


This quilt is really taking shape. I must get going and finish a few projects I've started so I can get on to my Long Road Home. Some new fabric has arrived in my sewing room, so I'm anxious to get cutting. I love a quilt with lots of different fabrics.


I totally admire how you can get things done, Nicole! Love how this quilt is coming together and your table runner is perfect! I can just imagine hearing the hum of your Bernina in your garden studio in the evenings!

Helen in Switzerland

Slogging along - but it's totally worth it. This quilt is going to be magnificent!

Barbara Anne

Long Road Home is one quilt that takes the time its name suggests, eh?! You've doing well and the quilt is already glorious, thanks to your stellar color and fabric choices!!

Wishing you well in finding time for your added responsibilities.


Debbie R.

I totally love this quilt, Nicole! It may be a long road to get it all together, but well worth it. It's going to be stunning. Sorry to hear that you have some new responsibilities added to your plate. Good luck with the juggling. And hopefully you'll still find a little sewing therapy time.


Daylight savings time this weekend? Heck I hadn't paid any attention to that! Love your little black dress table runner.

Mary Kastner

Really stunning in your color choices. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Good luck on the time change with little Eva. It seems to throw them off a lot more than an hour but then the older I get, the more it throws me off too!



Long Road Home is so pretty. I love the warm colors.

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