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March 25, 2013



Oh, we've had more snow in the last three days. Those lilacs look lovely. I can't wait for my neighbor's lilacs to start blooming. (of course, Spring means the onset of yard work, but it will be worth it.)


Lilacs are my absolute favorite! I hope to get some planted here this year.


It's truly amazing how much flowers can lift our spirits. Enjoy!

Barbara Anne

What lovely lilacs are in the picture you posted! I hope you new lilac bush provides you with such pretty blooms. We have lovely lilacs, too, but they're not blooming yet.

We also have 4" of snow that surprised us yesterday afternoon. Today more snow is falling and yesterday's snow is melting at the same time.

I'm glad you had such a delightful weekend with family!


Jennifer G

Welcome back from the weekend!


My lilacs are just starting to bud out up here in the NW, a few sunny days and things will really get going.


We got snow AGAIN on Saturday and last night, I'm not sure we're every going to have spring. I have a large dwarf lilac that's many years old and it's just beautiful when it blooms, and smells wonderful - bring on SPRING!


Nice to see some spring type flowers and they are my favorites....have a small dwarf bush in my front bed....can't wait till it blooms!


I am SO jealous - we have snow predicted for tonight - I fear I won't see lilacs at all this year! Lilacs are the NH state flower and my best recollection from any friends who have planted bushes is that it takes a year or 2 (depending on the bushes' mood) to decide to bloom - and then they make up for lost time!


Lilacs are at Memorial Day in Minneapolis. We still have snowbanks; the sun is working mightily to melt them, but the thermometer isn't helping.
Sign me,


Lilacs are my favorite flower! When they are in bloom and the windows are open, the whole house benefits. Thanks for sharing.


Love the colour of the lilacs. Do they have a scent too?

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