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March 08, 2013



Ooooh, now I am curious and can't wait to see what these will look like. I think everyone has more projects going than they want to admit.....I do!


I LOVED making the Scrappy Trip quilt. I am for sure making others. Have fun!


Well not quite everyone - I am resisting the temptation, and I am sooooooooo tempted. Your blocks look wonderful!


So many projects. Can't wait to see the finishes. I love the scrappy blocks but can't wait to see what the green flying geese blocks are going to be. I always love your choices of fabric.

Barbara Anne

Thanks for a morning laugh at your conundrum of which project to work on ... or start something new?! Earlier this week I wrote a quiltie friend asking if they make something for quilters like horse blinders that keep the horse's attention focused on what is ahead. My friend knows of no such aid for those bazillions of us who flit from project to project. You're ahead of me in that you actually finish your projects while I add to my collection of UFOs.

Love your fabric choices for your Trips quilt! Will this be one giant Trip or Many Trips?

Have fun!



That devil on your shoulder just wants to have fun!!


I get it! I'm so very tempted to start something new myself, but I'm trying to stick with my neverending list of UFO's. However, my local quilt shop is starting a mystery quilt tomorrow that I'd really like to join in on and then there are a dozen things going on on the internet. There's an awful lot of temptation out there!


Love your post! Glad to know I am not alone in my severe case of quilting ADHD!!!! Sometimes the creative juices just have to flow....



Would love to know what fabric line you used for flying geese. Can you post it or send it to me. Thanks!!!


Loving what you're doing with them! I'm making my scrappy trip along with nothing but American Jane fabrics. These blocks are instant gratification!


You are sooo making the right decision!!! I think my scrappy trip quilt is one of my favorite quilts ever! It's so fun to have bits and pieces of so many favorite fabrics all in one quilt!


Both new projects look wonderful. I'm really loving those soft greens, very springy. Can't wait to see what they turn into. It's great to make resolutions, but really, how can we as quilters stick to only a few projects. We need variety, and you can always go back to the previous ones.

Kyle Redente

Too funny because we all can relate! Or, at least, I can.


I can't wait to see what those green flying geese are for. I love that color.


A-ha-ha-ha! Very funny and very relate-able! Love the colors of the flying geese! Maybe they belong to an upcoming St. Patrick's day project?


I have really GOT to learn to use that ruler for the flying geese! I bought it AGES ago (on your advice) and still have not even taken it out of the packaging. It is daunting, I suppose, as I have never been good at understanding directions and my flying geese always turn out okay-enough...but not as perfect and beautiful-in-every-way as yours look here...sigh...I was hoping to learn absolutely NOTHING over Spring Break, but maybe....


Your geese look wonderful in those colors! I am wrestling with starting another project right now and I have soooo many to finish up or at least make some serious progress on.:) You're definitely not alone!


Love your trip around the world blocks....where did you find the pattern, or are you just sewing w/o one?


lol, seriously? we need to start a support group for Quilter's ADD. We could be the charter members....


Inspiration does not need to be bound by rules. Just go with it! What else is a girl to do? Looks pretty darn cute... and those geese look like a fun project too!


Lol! You are too funny and such an enabler :) I've been wanting to jump on the scrappy trip bandwagon but am also trying to focus...I may have to be bad with you! Can't wait to see what the flying geese become :)


I've been wanting to make one of those scrappy trips myself. Love your colors. Oh yes, focus................


Thanks Nicole seeing your scrappy trip blocks reminded me of some Mary Engelbreit jelly roll leftovers that I discovered in my stash the other day. They would be perfect for a scrappy trip and using up leftovers isn't like starting a new project at all is it? Too hard to ignore inspiration when it strikes.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I really like your TAW strips. It's the next on my list, but I have to get some projects out of the way first.


Oh my gosh! What is that fabric collection? The one in the flying geese. Must. Have. It.

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