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April 29, 2013



Wow...that is a lot of sneezing and hope you get some relief from this heavy pollen season. I am loving those alternate blocks and might try that for my blocks too. Rest and enjoy some down time.....

Gertie Pye

Oh no - hay fever! Our Spring was a bit late so I haven't started sneezing yet but you have reminded me that it is on the horizon.

Love the Blogger Girls BOM blocks - in June I am planning to use these blocks for my quilting Bee blocks!

Barbara Anne

God bless you x your number of sneezes!!! I hear you on being afflicted with the sneezes. That was me about 10 days ago when several times I actually lost track of how many times I sneezed in a row.

Love your alternate block plan!

Hope this week you can find some anti-sneezing pill or effective air filter for your home and sewing studio.

Rainy day here.


Debbie R.

Bless you, bless you and bless you, many times over! Hopefully it won't last too long.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Spring has just added more misery to my animal allergies.


Bless you, Bless You! Achoo from down in the valley, back atcha ;-) Have you tried local honey to help lessen the allergies? It helps, and it's tasty too!


If misery loves company you've got it. My doctor prescribed a nasal spray and I am no longer a sneezing machine. I use it only at night (we have a birch tree to which I am highly allergic right outside our bedroom window) and it really helps.
Have a great week.


Bless you!!! again & again!!! We're surrounded by hayfields so my time is coming in a couple of months! Meanwhile, I really need to get April's Blogger Girls blocks done! Feel better fast!

Helen storer

I too suffer from hay fever. I grew up on a farm and nearly didnt make it with sneezing and asthma. Now live near the beach in Perth and mostly ok. Every now and then have sneezing fits. A few years ago I scraped my car whilst sneezing that was scary ! Hopefully summer will ve with you soon and spring a distant memory


I have been having sneezing fits also. Allergy season is so bad here in Georgia.

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