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April 18, 2013



Completely jealous.... Forecasting snow here... oh well-- this too shall pass...

JoAnne McPherson

I love lilacs--we had so many when I was young and growing up. I haven't seen any here in Virginia yet, but the dogwoods are out and I have been going (repeatedly) to the garden shop, too.


That bush looks like it is going to explode with lilacs and bet there will be lots of flowers in no time at all.

Nancy Watkins

I envy you your warm weather! It is snowing here! I love petunias because they are so hardy and last all summer long. Enjoy!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I love the cascading petunias and I am so green over your lilac bush! Mine looks like a little stick in the ground. :-/ Have a happy weekend!


Sprint is my favourite time of year - it's autumn here and there's definitely a chill in the air. Our winters are mild, no snow here, but I do miss the sunshine and pretty blue skies.

Barbara Anne

Lovely flowers and what delightful colors you chose!

Our dogwoods, lilacs, camellias, crabapple, hawthorn, and many azaleas are in bloom in our part of Virginia and they are glorious!



I SO wish the weather would turn around here, in the middle of Iowa, it's dreary, rainy, wet, and a whopping 32 degrees with lots of wind. Can't wait to be able to plant some flowers, feel warm weather and see the sun!


Weather is just getting a little warmer here in Upstate NY, though we had so much wind last night that I thought I'd end up in Oz, and I don't have my red ruby shoes. Love your flowers and your balcony, the sun looks lovely.

Gertie Pye

What lovely spring flowers you have! We just have daffodils at the moment but hopefully with a bit more warm weather we will start getting a bit of colour soon.


Your petunias are very pretty.
The lilac is going to smell devine!!

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