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April 15, 2013



Ok I was wrong. It is even more beautiful than I imagined. What I meant in saying "not worth it" is that I would have chosen something besides stripes because of the need to be fussy cut, which I wouldn't have been willing to do. But I can see that the stripes are an elegant choice!!

Janice Williams

The stripes are a perfect choice and love the perfect straight lines in fussy cutting. What a lovely quilt. I would have done the same.


I would not have been ambitious enough to fussy cut the strips, but you are so right. Gorgeous. Maybe I'll have to try it sometime. What a great touch.


Fussy cutting was so worth it! Beautiful quilt.


The stripes look so nice and well worth the effort! Can't wait to see the finished product. Awhile back you were working on a quilt with a line of fabric called Arnold's Attic. What was the name of that quilt and did you finish it? I looked back in your 'archives' but could not find it. Was it Shiloh? Looking back through your achives was very interesting and so humbling for me - how do you get it all done?!?!? I need to start drinking the same 'go' juice you drink and maybe I could get half as much done. :) Thanks for your blog posts - I love them!

JoAnne McPherson

I always fussy-cut if it is at all appropriate. I agree that it will be worth it.

Barbara Anne

Count me in with those who think fussy cut stripes for this use is worth the time and effort. Sometimes when stripes and plaids are used in blocks, I like the casual cut of however it lines up, wonky or not.

Gotta love those audio books. I have Anne Morrow Lindbergh's "Gifts from the Sea" read by Claudette Colbert and it is very close to magic.

Amen to Marsha's comment, "How do you get it all done!!"



Gorgeous!! I do like your additional effort with your sashing, it is just so pretty!


My three girls have read the Bloody Jack books and enjoyed them, not highbrow, but fun!


You sneaky thing! Getting a teenager to read!?!? I love it! And, too, I love your quilt. The sashing is perfect, and I definitely think it was worth the fussy cutting. You have a true gem - both the quilt and that student!! ;-)

Happy Quilting!

Nancy Watkins

That lattice really sets the baskets off and the fussy cutting worked out great and definitely worth it. Another great quilt!


The lattice fabric really is an inspired choice and fussy cutting makes this quilt. Gorgeous quilt!


I think it's terrific that you are exposing your student to so many experiences she may otherwise never have tried! I can't say enough times what an impact you are having on skills she'll use all her life! I had to smile at her "World War I" comment but my guess is she knows differently now!
Of course fussy cutting the stripes was well worth it! It really makes the difference!


worth all the fussy cutting. stripes if not cut correctly can be very distracting. Next thing you know you are going to be having more students! What a great way to share your love of two things.

Karen @ Badlands Quilts

Most certainly worth it...the lattice looks great. Can't imagine it any other way other than centered like that.


Fussy cutting...most worth the effort.
Time spent with student. . .effect immeasureable.


The lattice is perfect, and lightens up the quilt quite a bit - seems like initially you were worried about how dark it was. It's very well balanced now.

Your Napolean comment made me remember: when my nephew was in the army he was reading The Iliad. Meanwhile nearby someone was watching the movie Troy. My nephew said, "oh, that's right where I am in the book." The other guy asked him. "Did they make the book to go with the movie?"


I'm picky about plaids & stripes... so if I choose them I'm committing myself to careful cutting in anything other than a scrappy quilt block. Your top looks amazing!


I think it was totally worth it! Love how you are having a little mini me :) pretty soon your going to have a packed studio, with baby E whipping up her own stuff!


Fussy cutting was definitely worth it! I love the way your quilt is looking - your precision humbles me.
Good for you for showing your student that there is more out there to enjoy than video games. But sad to hear that a high school student has been exposed to so little history that she thinks Napoleon took part in the First World War - the education system sure is "dumming" down.


I always take the time to fussy cut. When you are near the end of a quilt and want to just be done with it, it may seem like a good idea to do the fastest thing possible. But it really takes such a short amount of extra time in the whole scheme of things. When I have rushed I have always regretted it but I have never regretted getting it just right.


I love the fussy cut stripes. I probably wouldn't do it so well myself though.


your attention to details like the fussy cutting is a big part of why your quilts are so beautiful. well worth the effort. love that you are sharing with your student. she is a lucky gal to have such a great teacher!


Definitely worth the time to fussy cut the stripes. This is an outstanding quilt, and it deserves the attention to the detail. Nice job - but then your quilts are always some of the best on the web. Thanks for the eye candy!

Mary Kastner

Way worth it! Looks terrific.


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