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April 19, 2013


diana young

why do babies always fall face first it seems hope sshe is fine and thanks for reminding me i saves that tu last year and forgot thats a great house warming gift

Barbara Anne

Awwwwwwwww, poor Miss E! That's the way of learning to get around the planet, tho, and falls do happen. Heads just bleed like stink, don't they?

Sweet AMIL ran one of the few accredited day care centers where she used to live, so went to many Early Childhood conferences. When our boys were very little, she told me of a gem of an idea she learned in one of those conferences. Buy a red washcloth, a red hand towel, and a red bath towel. When the baby or the little child has a cut, use those towels to staunch the blood, and the child will be less upset. You cannot freak out so much about red blood when you're looking at a red towel - they blend!

Cute mug rug modification!

Hope the play date is/was a blast.


Becky in KCMO

On your coasters - don't be too matchy on them. I made a set of 8 different ones to gift with some wine glasses for a friend. They use the coasters to tell which glass belongs to who. I combined novelties with colors for them. People pick the one they think they can remember.


Cute coasters! Do you have a pattern name, or a link to find the pattern?

Becky (central oregon)

I love the idea of these coasters .... its even better then the little charms for marking some ones wine galss....


Super cute coasters... and so sad for the boo boo. My DS was to the ER twice by the time he was 3 for falls where his poor little face took the impact. My DD never went until she was 18!


Cute coasters! Poor baby :( fortunately they bounce back quickly but I know you would rather it had been you than her. My oldest son was very accident prone, with a high tolerance for pain so while I would sit there crying from the blood dripping down his head he'd be smiling trying to wriggle away from me! I have a feeling you're probably going to have lots of bumps with this little one, she seems pretty active...too cute too :)


Oh my, poor Baby E! Glad she was not seriously hurt, but just got a small owie. LOVE Barbara Anne's suggestion of a red washcloth and towel so that the blood does not show up and scare the child. Excellent idea!

And Becky's idea for the different colored coasters so that you can tell them apart - also excellent! The sets you made are really pretty -- I've seen that idea floating around blogland for several months.


Love the coasters. I have made them before. You might try making a set of mismatch colors. It help with identifying your glass after you have had a few.


Poor little sweetheart. A fat lip does hurt. Glad it wasn't anything more serious. Have a wonderful day at the park and enjoy the grass between the toes. ;p

Lisa D.

Poor sweet baby girl - it happens, I'm sure she is just fine. Enjoy your play date!


Ooooo, so sorry for baby E! And you of course! Its scary for sure...
Love the new coasters..As soon as u said they were not selling as much I thought OH! Maybe its due to people buying the "new" type of wine glasses?
I say that because I've bought the "new" type for everyday use. They look just like a wine glass, but no stem.
Maybe when displaying the coasters for sale, put both type of wine glasses on top of a coaster?
Take care,


Oh is terrible when they get hurt...they forget in a short bit but we remember and feel bad for days.
Love your wine coasters....cute and good luck.


Poor Baby E!! I'm sure it hurt you way more than her, in the end! Don't beat yourself up too badly, ok?
I have that coaster pattern. What a smart idea to make each one a little 'different' for easy i.d.!


These are cute! I have made sets of these coasters for about 20 years! I never saw them used this way until a couple of years ago. I also make them circular-just trace a circle on them and sew. I love the tie up bundles of 4 with ribbon or scraps to give away or sell. Its also fun to put potpourri or a scented teabag inside for scented.


I hope she is feeling better! I remember those days. Once one my son was little, about two, he came running towards me and he tripped and hit his head on the concrete. It was one of those moments when you seem to be able to actually feel their pain. Ouch! I'm dealing with teen drama now. Sigh. Love, love, love the coasters. Thanks for the link :-)

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