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May 09, 2013


Jennifer Gwyn

I could think of one adorable little girl that would probably LOVE a little quilt of her own with these fabrics! How many quilts has Eva been blessed with so far?

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Well, IMNSHO, they would be PERFECT for a certain granddaughter of yours . . . .


It's surely a cheerful quilt! Yes, it would be so cute on the table with fresh strawberries! YUM!!

Gertie Pye

I love granny squares and these reds and pinks are so lovely for a little girl quilt! Another pattern I must add to my list ...

Bari Jo

Oh I love those granny square quilts.... well, if Eva doesn't need a(nother) quilt, then I say go for a table topper for sure! it will be great for summer and also Valentines Day, too And for all those future teas with little Miss E.


it would make a very cheery table topper


I would have to go with a quilt for Eva...& use just one block to make a matching doll quilt which we know she'll be needing pretty soon!

Barbara Anne

Love the happy fabrics and blocks! What size are the blocks?

I'm leaning toward the table topper with the extra two blocks made into placemats for you and your sweetie. Of course, I love the idea of a quilt for Miss E and a matching doll quilt ...!

In case you haven't heard the sad news about quilter extraordinaire Libby Lehman, please look at Susan's Blackberry Creek blog. Her address is there,too, if anyone wants to send a card. Prayers for her recovery would also be appreciated.



Oh my, YES! Great idea. And please take pictures of it with the flowers when you're done so we can drool!:)


Best group of granny squares I have seen! I guess you can't go wrong with PKM fabrics!
fyi, I have been resourceful at a local Kids Connection store (used kids things) Monitors, pack n plays, clothes too. I have to use your idea for a doll quilt and baby quilt now that my E has outgrown her original baby quilt. thanks!


I think you'll like the pinks and reds coming. I've always loved these pinks and reds you've put together, and I"m anxious to see it done. You too maybe!
Thanks for the nice shout out!


P. S. PamKittyPower. I love it.


You've combined two of my loves: granny squares and Pam Kitty Morning. I have a Fq set I haven't cut into being saved for a precious quilt. I haven't bought any PK Love but not to say I won't, and I'm hanging out to see some prints of the Picnic range too!

gloria g.

wow! yes, these are the best blocks I have seen you do......those are my colors and style. Keep up the good work, and enjoy that grand!!!! Wish mine lived a little closer....

happy in quilting, gloria g.

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