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September 12, 2013


Toni Anne

What a wonderful friend, to bring fabric as a gift! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your porch, the size, the stone columns, the visitors ;-> thanks for the peek, into your slice of heaven. It's beautiful!! It's my dream to someday have a lovely porch like yours. ;-> Toni Anne


funny how we call things different names.......these are what we call verendah's........I love verendahs on houses......for our hot climate it helps keep the house cooler......


Oh your porch (or verendah sounds so Southen) is wonderful. I would love to sit out there and work on some handquilting. So when can I come for a visit??? (just kidding)

Audrey Bretz

Love your porch and the way you've decorated it. I have just a tiny front porch - what I would give for a bigger one like this.


What a beautiful porch!


What a beautiful porch and view you have! Your porch looks lovely with the furniture and I love the toile fabric for the pillow. I don't blame you for wanting to have dinner each night on that porch. Love the basket quilt, a beautiful addition to your porch. Enjoy!


I love your porch, what a great place for relsxing! And covered so the cushions are protected from the rain. We have a patio with tree branch cover so it is shaded but I have to bring the cushions inside if it looks like rain. Theoretically, they are "indoor-outdoor" but I'm afraid of mildew and mold developing as I am allergic to it.


Your porch looks so inviting. I can see why you enjoy your evenings there.


What a great view and your porch is just fantastic. Looks like a really nice place to relax and enjoy the sights. Perfect for visiting too!

Patty F.

Looks so beautiful and inviting!! Would love to see a pic of the whole exterior to see the extent of your porches! I am envious... no wrap around porches here in Arizona!!


Just beautiful! Please take a picture of the house for us. Love the porch!!!

Barbara Anne

What a glorious porch you have around your new house! The views are wonderful as is the living space and I spy Craftsman porch columns, too. Love the furniture and that new pillow your made from the French toile is a delightful pattern and match to your love seat!

Are there enough bothersome bugs that you might screen in part of the porch in the future?

Years ago DH and I saw a TV show about the house hunt in CA. The prospective buyer was from the South and wanted her new home to have a big porch because, as she said, "I came from porches." DH and I added a nice porch here for that reason. We came from porches, too. Enjoy!



Isn't it great to have such thoughtful friends?
Your new home sounds dreamy. I have always said, that verandahs should be mandatory in the building of houses. Love yours!

Nancy Watkins

I love porches and yours looks great! We live on our screened porch in the spring thru fall. Actually, a porch is a requirement for buying a home if at all possible and I'm pretty sure my next place won't have one so I'm trying to not take it for granted now. I love your pillow fabric!!! Sit a spell for me, will you? :)


OMG Nicole! Trading the sewing studio for that porch was really a no brainer. What a lovely view too. Are you still in Angel's Camp?

Tracey Holzer

Your own little piece of heaven! Gorgeous.

Sue Babich

What a lovely porch and view! Your new home is just wonderful & I am so happy for you. How nice of your friend to bring you that fabric from Paris ! The pillow looks perfect !


Beautiful porch and surroundings. It looks like the same elevation I'm at... Calif. foothills.

Linda Kay

I really like your porch and the way you have decorated it. It looks so inviting. And the pillow is great. I love toile fabric and have had a piece I just love for a really long time now and can't decide how to use it. I can't get anymore of it so I'm being really picky about using it. It's a wonderful off-white and green. The pattern is a botanical one with large leaves, blossoms, bees and dragonflies.


Your new home is beautiful! I love the porch...I remember my grandparents had a BIG porch complete with a swing that I loved. When I saw it a number of years later that BIG porch was really quite small! Enjoy it!


Your home and the views are gorgeous Nicole! I wish you many many years of happiness there.

Looking foward to seeing more... full of inspiration :)

Gertie Pye

People in the UK would kill for this porch! Nobody really has a verandah like this over here, partly because of space but mainly because the weather just isn't good enough for long enough. We have been lucky to have had a really sunny summer this year but it was 2 months and then it's all over. Over here wooden decking just gets green and slippery for the other 10 months of the year! Your view is amazing ... you will never get bored of getting up and seeing that in the morning x


How delightful and inviting - I sure would be out there whenever possible.

Wendy Barker Paull

Dream House! Wow! That's all I can say.


OMG!!! My one and only wish that my house had was a big beautiful porch like yours. I just love it. It reminds me of visiting small towns with old houses with porches where people sit to cool off in the evening.

Okay, I'm jealous. In a good way! ;p

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