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September 12, 2013



Wow - it almost looks like your new home is in an orchard of sorts, Nicole! I would love to sit on that porch - and you'd have to push me out once I sat down (wink)! The pillows are perfect - you must be so happy!


I miss a big porch. We get so much sun in the afternoons on our front and recently had a large tree removed in the shaded our back deck so we are adjusting to more sun. Oh well, it will heat the kitchen in the winter! Love your porch. So glad you are back to blogging.


Love your new house! I too was wondering if you're still in Angel's Camp? I love it over there. I can only guess it was Thelma who gave you the gorgeous fabric! What a good and thoughtful friend :). Love your basket quilt too, is that a Carrie pattern? So glad to have you blogging again :)


ooh, a wraparound porch -- you are so lucky! You have decorated it beautifully, of course!


Wow Nicole, your porch looks soooo inviting! Lucky you for having such a nice friend to bring you back that beautiful fabric from France.

Liz S.

First I have to say welcome back, you've been missed! Second, Please tell me that you'll do some consulting as a home decorator!
(at least for me!) You're so inspirational with the few (or more) photos you post! Beautiful new house, Congrats!

Sandy E

Thanks for sharing your porch. The quilt and pillow are wonderful additions.

Debbie R.

What a great porch! And so wonderful that you use it -- and can decorate it, too. Enjoy!


What an inviting porch! Just lovely. I've always wanted one....maybe my next home.


Love your porch Nicole! I definitely have porch envy!!!! Enjoy the new digs! It looks beautiful!


Your porch is to die for! I would never come inside!!!!

Linda Vaughn

Oh Nicole..!!..I am so happy to see you in your new home and love the porch. I went to the Buggy Barn classes this summer and hoped to see you and Lisa again...but now see you have been very busy! BTW I made the BB quilt a few years ago (not yet quilted) and it is a true Autumn favorite!
Enjoy your new home! Linda


Ohh, I have the same toile fabric....also purchased in Paris!! Mine is a blue print.

Love your views.


It looks a beautiful house and your porch space is wonderful. We call it "outdoor entertaining area" in Australia. It looks fairly dry outside your yard. Have you had a dry summer in your part of California? That's what our yards look like in summer too.

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