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October 31, 2013



In response to speech therapist issue, try to speak with her supervisor and see if it helps. I know the whole idea is for your grandfather to progress forward and avoid a readmit but it should be less stressful.


Sharing your woes in elder care, Nicole. I was trying to make light of the time thing the other day; remembering back to time lost waiting for kids at one activity or another, or time lost when someone got the meeting time wrong. Sure wish I could get all those hours back. Those Midwinter reds are very appealing and I have that very quilt earmarked. My list of quilts to do bears a great resemblance to yours and I can see why your blogs are a must read.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Golly, that is a good-looking quilt! Years ago you and your cronies were doing a two-color project and I was going to join in; I acquired an inordinate amount of browns and neutrals and then sort of faded. I wonder how Nantucket would look in brown and neutral?

Tempted, Near Philadelphia

Karen @ Badlands Quilts

Love Nantucket, was actually surfing the web last night trying to find a kit in stock somewhere. Yes, your tardy person needs a talking or to go, life is indeed way to busy to wait like that.

Barbara Anne

Holy cats! Look at all the itty bitty 9 patches that surround the stars in the Nantucket quilt! I love, love, love diagonal criss-crosses in a quilt and this will be lovely in the reds, but ...! Itty bitty 9 patches?? On the other hand, nothing much is more reinvigorating than a new project, so go for it!

May I suggest what we had to do with the hospice folk who wanted to visit? We had them all come on two days of the week and AMIL didn't have to deal with daily interruptions. You can also decide as a family if Grandpa gets enough benefit from PT, OT, or speech to warrant the exertion for all of you. Why does the Social Worker need to come weekly? That seems a bit much. And, yes, appointments need to be kept.

Big hugs!

Mary Kastner

Love Nantucket . I am working on an appliqué quilt from their blue line. of course I can't remember the name of the line. "Indigo Blues?". Anyway, I. do love their lines. You won't be sorry. Not OK with the therapist. Either call her supervisor or can her. Your time is just as important as hers. Just my humble opinion. have a good one.



I feel your pain. I had been taking care of my father for the last 3 years, with the help of a social worker, housekeeper, case aide, etc. It's an overwhelming task to take care of an elderly loved one. Either talk to her supervisor or dismiss her, you don't need the extra irritation to an already difficult situation. I love those winter reds and that quilt you are going to make. Might be a distraction for you. Hang in there!!

Jennifer G

Ok - this is the first I have heard of the sew along (probably because you are the first blog I am visiting today)... but I am going to unofficially join your little team and do it too. I already have the FQ bundle and the pattern. Temecula Quilt Co is also doing a little sew along using the same fabric - might as well get it all used up!


Yes, fire her. Makes one wonder what kind of a job she would do once she is there. Love your quilts, especially since they are red!!!!


There once was a quilter from Nantucket... oh, wrong limmerick. :)

Nantucket is a beautiful quilt and Midwinter is gorgeous fabric so I look forward to seeing the results of the sew-along. Too bad I'm behind in a couple of others or I would crash your little party.

As for Grandpa and the appointments, several others have made the same suggestion - you need to talk to the folks in charge. Set some ground rules - appointments are on this day of the week. If they can't be flexible on this, you should make changes.

I also agree with Barbara Anne - really evaluate if this is helping Grandpa. It might be, but it might also be that he's doing it because he thinks its what you want him to do. The reality is that we all get to a point where it is what it is and it isn't going to get any better.

Finally, I know it's frustrating when these people are late or miss appointments. But I would also cut them a little slack. Most have dozens of clients and they have to drive from one appointment to the next. From traffic to clients who are also late, not feeling well, overly needy, might be developing a much more serious issue. They're also usually losing and adding new clients so their days are often harder to schedule than any one of ours. It doesn't mean we're not frustrated, and it definitely doesn't mean we don't deserve consideration... so I really would talk to the therapists and the supervisors.

No, it isn't time you'll ever get back but when Grandpa's gone, you won't get him back either. ;)

Robin Chapa

My young twins needed speech from Regional Center when they were little and there was a lady there that just COULD NOT handle our case properly.....I had to get someone else and it was the best thing I ever did. You are busy being a care giver to everyone else, but don't forget to be your own advocate. If you can get someone else, DO IT! She's proven herself unprofessional.... muster up all of your inner Donald Trump, "You're Fired" ;) and get someone better! Your projects are looking gorgeous! Good luck!


Love your stars so far! I should be sympathetic but keep thinking of the 2 year old running around like a lunatic :) my goodness no wonder you get so much done, you're sewing for your sanity! That therapist is such burnt toast, hope to hear about the new therapist soon :) Happy Halloween!


yep, fire her! would it be easier to have grandpa stay at your house for a month or two? at least you wouldn't have to pack up the baby to head over there only to wait for a no show.

life can be so crazy at times! hang in there! i'm rooting for you. :)

Debbie R.

First of all, I love your Antique Stars. Love. Yes, I think you should start the Midwinter Reds Nantucket. Despite the little time you have, you seem to get a fair bit of sewing done -- way more than I can manage, anyway.

Good luck with the other things on your plate. You may be losing some time you'll never get back. But you are doing the right thing, and what needs to be done. So try to get a little enjoyment out of those 2-year-old-running-around lunatic moments. And know that Grandpa appreciates all you're doing for him. You're making his life so much better, and that's what matters right now.

Good luck with it all. We're all rooting for you.

Laura Valdez

Oh, yeah! Give her the boot! And if she's from an agency, let them know how terrible she is. Then go home, cut into your Midwinter Reds and have a good session in quilting therapy!


I don't know how you are able to do any sewing with all the responsibilities that you have, with Grandpa and E. I certainly admire all that you are able to do. I spend hours on my mothers problems, responsible insurance, M'care, billing, etc. I can understand the therapist being late but she does have a phone and could be more considerate of your time. Everyone we dealt with would call if they were going to be more than 15 min. late. I think you need to address this problem/attitude with her supervisor.

Hang in there, thinking of you!

Sherry Beauchamp

Find a new speech therapist! Punctuality and communication are choices, and she's making the wrong ones.

I love Nantucket, and have pinned it in hopes of making it in the future.

Cathy sorry for everything you are going through. I don't know how you get any sewing done or anything else. I absolutely love Nantucket! I bought the pattern as soon as I saw it and I have my bundle of Midwinter that too!! I just might join you!

Nancy Watkins

I love that quilt too! At least the lady could call ahead and tell you she is running late.


I've read all of the comments & I think Carrie summed it up best. You'll never regret the time you devote to Grandpa & Toddler E. I also agree that you might speak to the powers that be & set some days/times for appointments that work for you & your family; not the convenience of the providers. It will get better…really, it will.

Donna Sparling

I am a home care nurse and have read all of the other comments. So sorry that you are going through so much right now. One solution is to have all the visits on 1 or 2 days of the week. Another is to move your Grandpa in with you. I don't know what is wrong with him or his age....medicare only pays for a few homecare visits for PT/OT/ST and he needs to meet criteria. He has to show that he is improving or they will discahrge him. Talk to the Social Worker or the RN case manager about the Speech Therapist....there is no excuse for that. Things happen - a change in another pts condition and calling a doc to get orders, traffic, a flat tire....the list goes on and on. Most therapists are independent contractors and really don't have a 'boss/supervisor' at the office. The least that she could have done was to this day and age when everyone has cell phones.

I really love your Midwinter Red fabric and am sure that it will look great in that pattern. And as everyone else has said, it WILL get better. Hang in there.


Time is a precious are right, we do not get that back. If this therapist is not professional and responsible with her time then I would be concerned with her ability to do the job she is hired to do! As they say in Duck Dynasty...She GONE!

On the lighter side, I love Midwinter Reds and Nantucket. And I love reading your blog...and Sinta's...and Thelma's... this will be fun to watch!

Praying for easier times ahead for you Nicole. I know I'll be dealing with these issues one day.


I see several commenter say to give her some slack. Bulls@*t There are too many people out of work these days to keep a schmuck in a paycheck! If he really needs the services you will be able to find someone more reliable to provide it.
With all that said, I'm so sorry you are going thru this. What a pain. You will be blessed for it!!


I too share with your elder care woes. My Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers at age 68. She has been in a nursing home for 6 years now & it breaks my heart every time I go see her. I just hate that she can't speak for what she needs or wants. Hope your situation gets better, it's hard to be dependant on strangers sometimes.


I love Nantucket and Midwinter Reds. I would sew along with you girls if I didn't have 25 quilts ahead of it in the line and some time to do them! The speech therapist is not only disrespectful but also highly unprofessional in her approach. One mistake with a booking or running late I can excuse, but three in a row? No way. Find a new one. Do you live far from Grandpa now that you have moved house?

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