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October 07, 2013



Thanks so much for this!! I was just thinking yesterday how to do this. A lint roller came to mind, but I think it may have disastrous results with cotton batting. The freezer paper idea is fabulous!!!


Great idea, Nicole. What is your design wall covered with (besides threads, that is)? I'm making a design wall and can't decide if it would be better to use batting or flannel for it.

Mary flynn

Great idea! Never seen this one before...always fun to learn something new!

Barbara Anne

Stellar idea!! Can the same piece of freezer paper be repositioned to use repeatedly or does each part of the design wall need a fresh piece of freezer paper? Inquiring minds ... you know!

Hope Grandpa is continuing to improve.



Terrific tip! Who'da' thunk it?? Thanks for sharing such a helpful hint!


I gotta try this. thanks!


That's a terrific idea!

I use the big "sofa size" lint rollers but I think this might be better - I go through a lot of those lint roller sheets. :)

Sue Babich

What a GREAT TIP ! I have tried the lint roller but it does not do a very good job


Genius!!! Thank you!


I think that is one of the best tips I have read all year. Freezer paper here I come.


I could kiss you!!! Can't wait to go try this out!


Sure beats picking the threads off by hand! Thanks for the tip.

Liz S.

Yes, pure genius!
I've used the sticky rollers and the batting almost pulled off the wall! I know what to use now! Thanks
Also I hope Grandpa is doing well.


Amazing! Thanks for the tip! I have that same roll of freezer paper sitting unused in my sewing room - now I have a use for it!


Smart!!! So glad you remembered this tip and shared it with us.

I just took two quilts down so I'll give this a try.


Wow...really great tip and I am going to try it....Thanks

Elaine P

If that is an older roll of freezer paper, don't waste it. Just ran out recently and purchased a new roll, only to discover that now it is much thinner paper and has less coating on back. It does not work near as well for applique. :(


I use a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth for my design wall - wonder if it would hold up to the heat of the iron if I tried this? Hmmmm... Great idea!


You are one smart cookie!!! Can't wait to try this!


I tried this last night -- had get clean up my board so I could block a sweater on it -- it worked like a dream with a super hot iron... thanks!

Bari Jo

Pure genius!

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