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October 29, 2013


Nancy A

I don't know. That picture looks too neat. I'll bet if I try to cram the sheets and other pillowcases into a matching pillowcase that it will look nothing like that!! I think I'll have to give it a try, if nothing else than for the giggle factor! Thanks for the post.


My pillowcases don't look as neat as the picture, but I've been doing this for a couple of years now. I think I read it in an email somewhere and it works great! I never have to search for sheets anymore. I also keep them in the closet of the room they belong too so I don't have to worry about sizes either.


Martha doesn't come up with this stuff. My Grandma and my Mom did all her stuff long before she ever paid anyone to come up with it! I do give Martha credit for marketing the ideas, if our grandmothers and mothers had thought to do it, they'd be the rich ones!! But this is a really good idea to keep the linen closets neat!!


Yea, I am smacking my head right now too! :) GREAT doing this T O D A Y!!!! Thanks Nicole for sharing!!!

Mary Kastner

Wow! What a great thought. I am definitely doing this one. thanks for sharing.



I have been doing this for a long time...after I learned how to properly fold a fitted sheet. I also keep bed linens in the room in which they belong. I downsized the number of sets of sheets I have for each bed which has also made my life easier. Why I thought I needed so many sets of sheets I will never know!

Diane Linford

Congratulations! You win the prize for best organizational ideas for my life in the last two months! First the comic book boards (which I now own but haven't put to use yet), and now this. Imagine a lovely treat that I wish I could hand you in real life. Instead pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you're wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


I avoid the folding part entirely by washing the sheets and putting them back on the bed. I have a second set for each bed neatly folded and every six months, I switch over, so I only have to fold twice a year.

Robin Chapa

That. Is. Brilliant!

Makes me want to buy one extra matching pillow case just for storage.

Probably eliminates a boring cupboard smell. I could even leave the drying sheets folded up in there.

Hmph! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


Brilliant! Love you and Martha for introducing this technique to me :) wonder what she does with all the extra pillowcases that don't have sheets? Sounds like you're feeling better :)

Barbara Anne

I read this before somewhere and never did it but this photo is compelling, isn't it? Am off to do this now.

True confession: I'm with Cathy and often wash the bed linens and put them back on the beds. Simple. Soon I will change to flannel sheets as they're cozy when bedtime comes on chilly nights.



Dang!!!! That's a wonderful idea! I am so tired of searching for the matching pieces! ;p


Thanks for passing that along!


Another great solution! I love the idea of being organized... and someone I know puts their sheet sets together but then places it inside one of the two pillowcases. I haven't evolved enough yet to be that organized.


This is a wonderful solution Nicole. I've read about this technique before but never got around to incorporating it into my laundry day...shame on me!

You have provided some really great organization related ideas recently. Thank you!


I can't imagine that I never thought of doing that: I do store them all together but not packaged together. Well, I will be doing that from now on. thanks


Have never tried this so will give it a try and sounds like a great organizing plan....thanks!

Denise in PA

Duh!!! I am so going to do this too! That darn bottom sheet always drives me nuts that I can't fold it properly (my mom and grandmother can - I did not get that gene!) Thanks!


Slapping my forehead too! Never thought of this idea - guess that's why I'm not the guru everyone is talking about. ;)


I fold the sheets to fit the length and width of the pillowcase. I turn the pillowcase inside out and then insert the sheets. That way, everything is dust free when I go to use them (my shelves are open into the room).

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