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October 03, 2013



Time with the hubby is invaluable as we get older. Enjoy. However, I am looking forward to that table topper.


Sounds like you had a good holiday with your man! Now you can get back to some serious sewing.


I've never brought my machine anywhere, I guess when we travel we are always busy with seeing people or seeing things! But when my husband retires and we travel for weeks in the winter time I'll be packing a machine for sure.

Mary Kastner

Sounds like a nice trip and good break for both of you. I'm sure the weather and scenery was beautiful up there. I'm so glad you are back Nicole!

Best Wishes,


It is fun to take a sewing machine and projects on vacation. It is also fun to breathe in some fresh air as well. It sounds like a nice time away.

Barbara Anne

What a beautiful place to enjoy the beginning of Autumn! I'm glad you're taking time to delight in your current surroundings while you're in the mountains and beside the lovely lake.

Who knows, your next sewing project might be one in mountain and lake colors as a remembrance of this delightful time away. Delectable Mountains or Lady of the Lake are just two blocks that come to mind...!

Bother about your sweetie's knee woes. Mae West was right when she said, "Getting old isn't for sissies." Too true.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's photos.


Sue Babich

I have never taken a sewing machine on vacation because I know i would never have the time to sew anything. May I ask what kind of sewing machine you have there ? I having been looking for a back up sewing machine for when mine gets serviced. Can't be without a sewing machine


My husband travels a lot with his job and when I go with him I take my machine. He goes off in the mornings, I laze around until I decide to get out of bed and then spend the day sewing in a place I don't have to worry about cleaning. :)
I always get questions from the housekeeping workers. They usually have an aunt or grandmother that quilted.
It is great, I get a good vacation; no housework, eat out, sleep as late as I want and all the alone time I need to recharge my batteries.


If I'm traveling by car my sewing machine comes with me. If I'm traveling by plane - my supplies comes with me and I buy a machine at Target or Costco and then return it. Might be a little dishonest - but lugging around 2 kids, strollers, car seats etc there is NO WAY my husband would let me throw a sewing machine in - so I make him go buy me one for the trip. It has worked out well and my last trip I got 2 quilts done. I mean what's a vacation without a little sewing?

Heather Braun

Hi, this is way off subject (but I hope you have a great trip!) but I couldn't comment on the original post. Hallowe'en 1904! I need one in my life! Do you happen to know the name of the fabric collection that was used in the kit? I know I probably won't find any of the fabric but I would love to look for it any maybe with some luck someone will have some :)


I normally take hand sewing on our trips, but once I retire we hope to purchase a camper and them I will be toting a machine for sure.


I take embroidery with me. I can sit on the beach and stitch and still have conversations and take in my surroundings.

I use to do the same in the evening but lately we've been streaming stuff that requires me to pay attention to follow the story. ;p I miss hiking. My feet and ankles just can't take it anymore. Too bad for me.

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