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November 01, 2013


Barbara Anne

Love your unique pumpkin's expression and the seeds and goo inside the pumpkin are the fun part for most kids. How did Miss E describe the experience to her mommy?

Our sugar crash story happened when DS1 was a year old (Christmas Eve baby) and we were at DH's grandmother's Christmas Eve party. She served families at the kitchen table as they arrived and had all of the desserts on the dining room table. We didn't notice DS1 under the dining table, asking everyone who passed to hand him something sweet and yummy so we have no clue what he ate. At 2am Christmas morning, he awoke screaming and seemed not to know where he was, who we were, and was out of control for nearly 3 hours. Oh, and my parents were sleeping (NOT!) on the hide-a-bed in the nursery. It was insane and a kind of funny story these almost 33 years later. What were those teachers thinking????

When FIL was on hospice care last year, we had to get a new nurse once because the first nurse just wasn't a good fit for AMIL. Not to say she wasn't a good nurse, just that her way of speaking irritated sweet AMIL. The caregiving folks need to be a good fit for the family.

Hang onto your hats - we're on the fast train to Christmas. It's NOVEMBER!


Jennifer G

I like the pumpkin. Unique. :) I went to carve Nora's pumpkin on Wednesday night and as soon as I started with cutting the top, I knew I was in trouble. It took about 15 minutes just to cut off the top because the rind on this particular pumpkin was like 3 inches thick! I drew her Disney princess face on the front of it and she was happy with that.


Now it may look like a sad face pumpkin but it's still cute! E will always remember these times. It will be interesting to watch her preferences change over the years in pumpkin design.

Have a great weekend!

Julie in WA

Poor sad pumpkin. It looks like he ate too many sweets, too....he only has ONE tooth left!!!


That pumpkin & time spent with E are reason enough to insist on a different speech therapist & a set schedule!! 'Tis the season for sugar meltdowns, but really? The amount available at the preschool party sounds a bit excessive!!


Cute "jack". I'm no pumpkin carver either, but I think they all look cute once the candle is glowing in them:) I can't believe your granddaughter is old enough to attend preschool. How did that happen? Wasn't she just born? Time needs to slow a bit! I hope things get figured out for you all and especially for grandpa. Good luck. Hope you make it to the sewing machine this weekend!

Karen L.

Hi, Nicole - Happy November 1! Have you seen these rulers? I bought one at the Des Moines Quilt show but haven't used it yet. It looks like a really easy way to trim h/s triangles.

Karen L.


I like your pumpkin. My carving skills are horrible. I'm sure you two enjoyed it -that's what counts!


Love the pumpkin and glad you ditched the therapist! I am surprised how much sugar kids get too, I notice their lunches and snacks sometimes - no nutritional value whatsoever and then they wonder why their kid can't focus or behave in class, poor teachers.


Hey, it's carved. That's more than I did. I love your sunflower quilt from a few posts back. It was fun peeking into your sewing area, too.

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