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November 06, 2013



I have been doing the same with my swoon after I sew across I move over and sew another line I get 21/2 in hst 8 of each color


You could sew them together and piece them into your back if you can't find another use for them. I love the look of a pieced back, especially when it coordinates with the front.

Barbara Anne

Like Diana, I move 1/2" toward the corner, sew a line of stitching parallel to my 1st stitching line, and cut 1/4" between the stitching lines. Those small HSTs are like freebies, suddenly they're available for small quilt borders, small block Christmas ornaments, and I really enjoy having them for narrow border corners. I don't save the tiny bits either and - gasp! - I don't save the selvages.

This extra sewing line is a breeze if you do it as you're making each HST, but I find it a bother to go back and sew on that bias cut after the fact.

How is Ozzie?



I am so with you on saving every little bit!!! What's up with that? But I do concede on the 3 1/2"! Your Nantucket is going to be beautiful. I am turning my layer cake of Midwinter Red into Jersey Girl a la Miss Rosie. Happy sewing Nicole!

Jennifer G

A pieced back would be a good bet for sure. I'll keep your tip in mind when I get to this point and go ahead and sew these together and have them ready for later.


I love bonus HSTs and look forward to playing with mine one day!


I'm with you! You could even use them to make coasters, pot holders...piece into a border. I'm with you on this one! ;p


I love your paragraph about scrap savers. It made my laugh, because the other day when I was cleaning up my sewing area I realized I'm a scrap hoarder struggling to change ways! Thanks for the inspiration!


Makes perfect sense to me! I'm not a tiny scrap keeper either...they line my trash bin :)

Debbie R.

Yes. Save those scraps. You can make something totally real from them. A bonus!

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