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November 07, 2013



Oh my horrible! Glad your granddaughter wasn't with you....that would be scary. Hope you don't have after problems...


So sorry. That must have been terrifying. Now you need to take care of yourself and rest.


That's scary!! So glad E. wasn't with you and hope you will feel better quickly, hopefully just soreness and no permanent problem.



Make sure you get everything checked out, and continue to get checked out if needed. And I declare an end to these kinds of events in your life! Enough!


Oh how horrible. I hope you feel better soon! Please remember you will most likely need a new car seat. I've heard once it's been through an accident you should get a new one especially since the damage was on that side.


So glad you weren't injured and that Eva was not in the car with you. I think 16 is just too young to drive - most kids that age do not have the maturity to handle driving - they may know how to but think they are invincible and that they know it all.
Take care of your back and be sure to go see a doctor if it doesn't improve in a few days.

Nancy in Utah

Nicole, I'm so sorry about your accident, but so glad your sweet grand daughter wasn't in that back seat. I'm thinking you can barely move this morning as we have been through a similar accident and I was feeling muscles and ligaments I'd never felt before just a few hours after the accident. I'll be keeping you in my prayers for pain relief and quick healing. Also praying the other driver was appropriately insured. It doesn't help the inconvenience and pain, but it does relieve some of the worry that comes with these accidents. Sending you very gentle hugs and many prayers...
***Please try to get the rest you need. I know it's easier said than done when you have so much on your plate, but do try.
Oh, by the way, I have always thought 16 was too young to drive and here in Utah, about 10 years ago, in their infinite wisdom, they changed the driving age. Our teenagers ("children") are now able to obtain a learners permit at just 15 and the parents are expected to teach them to drive. Also, if they pass their test, they can get a license at 15. is incredibly foolish to allow them a license at such a tender age.


SO sorry - I can relate to how you feel right now. It seems like a black cloud has been following me around since January 4, 2012 - just one thing right after another. All I do now is smile and pray - "it has got to go up from here". Know that others are praying for you also.

Barbara Anne

Oh NO!!! What a bummer for the both of you - the 16 year old, too. I am so very grateful the accident wasn't any worse and that Miss E wasn't in the car. You can expect to feel banged up for a few days from the tension and adrenalin release that happens automatically and aspirin or a non-aspirin will help. If you have real pain that worsens, see you doctor as you might need treatment or muscle relaxer meds.

This happened to me, too, when I was in my mid-20s. A kid came over an interstate bridge like Rat Patrol (okay, showing my age!) and broadsided my little Vega sending me spinning but his car tumbled down a small hill. Scary. That kid and I were both okay, but my little Vega wasn't so lucky.

Thanks be to God that it's all fixable.

Big hugs!

Tracey Holzer

Take care and get better.

Paulette Doyle

That is just awful!! Back pain is the worse! I am hoping you have a speedy recovery! Take care!


How awful for you! But thank goodness little E. wasn't with you and that no one was seriously hurt. I hope your back gets feeling better (I hear that chocolate is marvelous for aches and pains!)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Oh, DRAT!!! I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Stephani in N. TX

Ouch, Nicole. That's gonna "put a dent" in things, but it will be short-lived. So thankful the little one was not on board. Rest up, treat that sore back with some peace-ing. You deserve it.


Just when you least expect it, right? I'm so sorry this happened to you! If you can look on the bright side--hard to do right now--E & Grandpa weren't in the car which is a blessing!
Wishing you a quick recovery & that this is the end of the many annoyances you've had recently!


Oh no! So sorry to hear about this, but thank God Miss E. and grandpa weren't with you in the car! Like everyone else has said, try to get some rest/massages/heating pads/ibuprofen or whatever it takes to take care of yourself properly. Hopefully it will all work out, and insurance will fix your car in a timely manner. (Kid's insurance, that is!)


Your accident sounded just like one my daughter had a few years ago. Like everyone has said, get yourself checked out completely. Also, make sure you are getting the right kind of follow-up for whiplash and back strain. So sorry and I agree, 18 - 25 for new drivers. ;-)

Sue Babich

Oh No ! SO glad you are ok and that your grand daughter & Grandpa were not in the car with you ! I would go to the Dr to get checked out just to be safe . You never know


Oh. Phooey. Accidents are terrible. I'm glad it's not worse and I hope you feel okay after the unexpected spin your car (and body) took.

My kids are that age and are NOT driving solo. They are still practicing!

Mary Kastner

I am so sorry. I hope you feel better soon. That is so scary about the car seat. My number one rule is not to have anything happen when those kids are with me.

Take care,


How horrible! Hope the 16 yr old gets the book thrown at him! Thank goodness your granddaughter wasn't with you, small blessing. Definitely get a few massages, you deserve them! You should probably get checked out by a doctor too if you haven't already, things seem to pop up after accidents that take forever to heal. Sending happy thoughts it's nothing serious.

Jennifer G

What a pain - in more ways than one apparently! Hopefully you are just muscle sore from the impact. I hope the teenager is ok as well, perhaps just a bit of spilt pop on his face from the airbag - or was he texting? Hmmmm... Get your Aleve going and let quilting take your mind off this new worry!


so so sorry!!! massage will help immensely! what just happened to you is why car seats should be in the middle of the back seat. :(

so so sorry! hope you're feeling better soon.


So sorry to hear Nicole. Take all the advice offered here and more! Best wishes for your recovery.

Debbie R.

I'm so sorry for this big bump in your road. So glad you were on your own in the car. Hope that all your aches and pains are nothing serious and that you're feeling much better soon.

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