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January 31, 2014


Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!!! I love your version of Jersey Girl and Thelma's is too cute, too! I will wait to see everyone else's quilt on Feb. 3. IMHO, these are Bear Paw blocks because the Maple Leaf block needs a stem.

My Granny used to say "Don't borrow trouble" but that does make sense.

Hope you feel lots better soon!


Diane Linford

I love it! Does the bear paw have three HSTs on each side instead of two? I'm not sure.

Tracey Holzer

Very, very nice!


Great finish! I love those colors together. Take care of yourself and get over that cold/colds.

Mary Kastner

Love it. The colors are great. Hope you are feeling better every day!


Jennifer Gwyn

That was a fast one! Wish I had done it ... but then I wouldn't be as far along on my other projects that I'm really into right now. Great work - sorry you have to feel lousy though!


Love the finish and the fabric collection. Good job to your DS!

The only grandmother that I knew (the other died before my parents even married) was an elementary school teacher. She got Alzheimers when I was still a teenager, so my memories of her are from 12 years and younger. I do remember a couple of SCRUMPTIOUS norwegian desserts she would make. A saying that I remember is "Make your good better, and your better best!"

Sue Babich

Love the fabric you used in your Jersey Girl :-D Congrats on a great finish and I hope you feel better soon


Your JG is beautiful Nicole! I get inspired all the time by all the creative people in blogville. I am always thinking, "I wish I had thought of that"! I am looking forward to the parade on Monday! I hope you don't get any more colds... that is quite enough of that!!!


Ugh! I HATE being sick! I've been healthy since October...knock on wood. Last year? I was sick so many times I lost count. :(

Love the quilt and the colors!


Have you tried taking Airborne? We have been taking it lately and I really think it helps with colds. Your Jersey Girl is beautiful! I agree looking at other peoples quilts can make that light bulb over your head go on :-) My version is very different than yours and that's what makes the Schnibbles group so much fun to me.


I love it! Whatever that block is called, I've always liked it and the variations.

I think the Maple Leaf usually has a little stem in the corner, and a Bear Paw usually has the single large square instead of the four-patch... though I think you know I like changing that kind of thing. ;)

Feel better soon! Snozzly. I love that word - it's a perfect description.

Debbie R.

Love that quilt! Hope you're feeling better soon -- but glad you could make such great use of your sick days.
Enjoyed your previous post on your own low-volume quilts.
The thing my gramma used to say -- that her get up and go had got up and went. Hmm. When I was younger I thought that was funny, but from my own perspective today, it makes sense and isn't quite so funny :-)


Great looking quilt . Feel better soon!


I love love love your Jersey Girl version! It is great how good it looks in so many different fabrics!

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