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February 21, 2014


Barbara Anne

How cute are these charming tablemats and the bonus bookmarks? If anyone can get each project finished on time, it's you, Nicole! More power to you!

There are just so many wonderful, beautiful, and delightful fabrics, patterns, threads, and ideas in the quilting world and only one lifetime ...


Mary Kastner

Hi Nicole,

These are very cute and look doable. Good luck! I am going to go take a look at these. have a great weekend.


Jennifer Gwyn

Oh -you are getting into some fun things! These are perfect size for instant gratification for sure! Enjoy!


Those kits look really cute! I love Shabby Fabrics :)


I was so tempted to do this one, Nicole. I did last years calendar BOM from Kathy through Shabby fabrics and loved it! I also put all my blocks into a finished quilt. Have fun!

Jennifer Gwyn

OK Woman! I enrolled in the stitch club - waiting for my first packages to arrive. Couldn't resist - hope they are fast as well as fun!


I LOVE embroidery! WIsh we lived near each other because I know I could get you hooked in a heart beat! I've done it to 3 other quilters I know. ;p

Yes, I have done entire quilts that have enormous amounts of embroidery in them. I love it because I can take with me and pull out anywhere I am waiting for someone or waiting for an appointment. I just can't seem to do it while a passenger in the car...too bumpy. ;p

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