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February 18, 2014



Love this method and I take one step farther by making a second sewing on outer part to make a smaller half square triangle to use on a later project....(if to small, it just gets chucked)Your block is just perfect and this is going to be a great project!

Barbara Anne

Totally preferable method and I love to use this technique! The Ribbon Star block from Island Batik's Quilted in Honor free patterns is one I'm making now and it uses this method of adding triangles.

If the cut-off triangles are large enough to make it worthwhile, before cutting, I sew another stitching line 1/2" from the first AND toward the CORNER. Then I cut 1/4" between the two sewing lines and end up with a spare HST. Truth be told, I have some little bitty HSTs from doing this and are they ever fun to use!

It's going to be nearly 60*F today!



This is such a pretty quilt! I've used this method & really like the results! I've learned it's not for use when chatting & being distracted during a retreat!! it.takes.focus.

Tracey Holzer

You need to invest in the Angler 2. Then you don't have to draw the lines on the back of the squares. Well worth the $7 or $8 that it'll cost you and so much faster. Have a great day...your quilt is looking good!


Yummy colors, Nicole! I love blue and tan/brown together. Enjoy!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas

You are so right about paying attention!!! Good demo and I also sew an extra seam to have hs triangles to use for another project. Hate to waste expensive fabric!!!


For some reason when I sew and flip my blocks are less accurate so I like to cut triangles.
I am making a quilt out of "bonus triangles". It's amazing how many friends have.


Jennifer Gwyn

I tend to get patterns that would have this method, so I've used it a lot. I follow the process where I sew just to the outside of the line, towards the corner I will cut off and press it first to make sure it will be squared, then trim. I'm going to start sewing that extra seam for the bonus HSTs though. Didn't think about that! I was cutting then off, then sewing them again. I can't believe I didn't think about that before!


Thank for sharing the pattern. It is very intriguing -- the corner units give some pause because they're not common. (Does that make sense? I need to refine my descriptors.)

Linda Vaughn

Love this method and I have more "finished" quiltlets of the small leftover triangles than the original quilt that created them! lol

Bari Jo

Hello! Catching up on my reading - love these little blocks - thanks for the info! And I am hoping you are getting rest now and that Grandpa is settling in to his new place. I know it's hard. I remember those days. You are doing a wonderful job loving him and providing wonderful care for him in a wonderful safe place. It is a difficult season in life and my heart aches for you, knowing what that season felt like here. Praying your visits with him will be sweet and that his heart will settle and be content and enjoy his new surroundings. Have a great day.

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