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February 17, 2014



Goes to show that what may not appeal at one time might be just the ticket at another time!


Someone asked why I make a new quilt as I have old ones. I told them I can't repaint everyday or buy new furniture, but a new quilt can change the entire feel of a room...... Can't wait to see the other colors in this piece.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas

It sounds like your library room was built for Victory Star!!! It will look delightful in that environment.

I say I'm not starting new projects, then the perfect one comes along --- good luck with that one!!!!


What fun when a forgotten project become exciting again!


The room you describe seems made for this quilt! Good luck with your finish; I will be watching for the finale!

Barbara Anne

How delightful to come across and pattern plus some blocks you'd already made and to have your imagination fired up to imagine the new perfect place for this quilt to go!! When you started the project, you didn't even have this library yet!!

I'm making a little 4 block winter wall quilt as I didn't have one that size for my small entry hall. If I put my mind to it, I could finish the blocks today but probably will be pulled in a different direction. Life, you know ...

Our snow is nearly gone and this week the forecast is for several days with temperatures in the 60s*F!



Always great when you go back and find interest in a the blocks and can't wait to see them come together....

cathy daniel

Wow - this will look fabulous when it's all made up. Have just found your blog and loved looking at your wonderful quilts. Will be back for more. xCathy

Diane Linford

So pretty!


That's a beautiful block!


If you followed astrology you would know mercury is retrograde until the end of next week. It is a bad time to start new projects but a great time to finish old ones. You are
on the right track here!


That is a great 'old' project to pull out. Can't wait to see it finished. I love the block designs...will be interesting to know how you quilt it.


Isn't it funny how our tastes change with time? I find that techniques and styles I thought I would NEVER like or do suddenly become interesting….umm……to the point of obsession. Maybe that is too much information…hahaha Anyway, I love the Victory Star and it is going to look magnificent no matter where you put it.

Sue Babich

Great blocks ! I have been doing the same thing... pulling out UFO's and finishing them ;-) It sounds like fate that this quilt be made for your library

Mary Flynn

One reason I keep nuetrals is so I can change up quilts easily so I completely understand! I like this one...too!

Lisa D.

Love this quilt! I'm glad you rediscovered it and now have the perfect place to put it.

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