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March 25, 2014



Oh my goodness Nicole, those blocks are just adorable, I just love them. I'm not surprised you're happy, I'd be thrilled!
Be sure to have a great week

Barbara Anne

Love these blocks and their yummy fabrics!! What a good way to while away the time until your new ruler arrives and to enjoy your amazing creativity!

I had to enlarge the photo of the blocks to see how they're made, but you're right, it looks simple! What size, are these "cute little blocks", if you don't mind my asking?

Snow nearby but not here yet.


Lisa D.

I love those blocks - what a great fabric choice!


Love the blocks and color choices. very nice pattern too.


Paulette Doyle

I would be happy too if I HAD JUST MADE those blocks!! Wonderful!!


And I always thought quilters were friendly people who loved to share. I think your design is lovely. Thanks for being so friendly and for sharing.


Are you singing the popular song 'Happy' while you're sewing? I do love just about everything by Basic Grey! Their fabrics, Little Black Dress & the new LBD2 are all-time favorites!!! Thanks for sharing your progress!

Sandy M

My daughter brought some of Basic Grey's PB&J fabric to a retreat we were on and I just fell in love. I just finished "collecting" for a quilt that has been on my radar waiting for the right fabric.
I am a bit blown away with the story of the quilter that didn't share. I mean I definitely understand if she was planing to sell the pattern or something along those lines but that would be the only excuse I would accept. I have done my share of "free designing" and I never had a problem with sharing my notes. If you can make sense of them, the design is yours. lol! I guess not everyone is built the same.

Karen L.

I am so glad you are willing to share, Nicole! Many of my someday projects are heavily influenced by your choices. If you have a plan for how to get more time in each day, I'll be your first customer!

Karen L.

Debbie R.

Well it did make me happy when I saw those wonderful blocks. You might have to put "Happy" in the name of this quilt! "Maison Happy" maybe, or, to be really French about it, "Maison Heureuse" or Maison Joyeuse"

Sue Babich

Love this fabric ! Cute blocks and perfect fabric for this quilt . I made a Maison Bleue quilt. So fun to make and it is one of my fabric quilts. I will try to find my picture of have and email it to you .

Jennifer Gwyn

That fabric is certainly funky and fresh - kind of modern for you I think! Looks great - love instant gratification blocks!

Miss Jean

I love the block! What size is it?


Hi Nicole! I was wondering if you could share with me the quilting pattern's maker of the "Daisy Pattern" you had Mary quilt for you back in July? I don't know how to reach you other then here. Thanks, Carol, the jewelry bag girl.


Why are people like that? I was in a quilt guild for one year and constantly had to deal with people like that. I quit after one year. NEVER EVER AGAIN. Those same people have no qualms asking for things from you! Ooops. I ranted. Sorry! ;p

I love what you're making. :P


I have the fabric and ruler for a Kaleidscope quilt but have been hesitant to begin....afraid is another word! Go to this site to see how she used her Urban Couture fabric..


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

OMGosh! I have always loved the kaleidoscope quilt too! I have been trying to get the blocks 12 inches. If you figure that out~ please share! And pooh on the lady who wouldn't share with you. That is not the quilter's spirit! Have a happy day!

Diane Linford

I love your new blocks. Great way to feel a little sunshine in your life.

Dresden Quilter

I am happy now! I have this pattern, and the fabric set aside to make it. I just haven't started but now I definitely will. Your blocks look fabulous!


Love your happy blocks! It's too funny about that lady, some people are just like that. I love when someone copies me, I'm a total enabler :)


I have always loved that fabric line by BG. You share and inspire... because you are nice. That's what I love about most quilters. They love to share. Um, or as the person above said: "enable"! ha!


I own this pattern too and have not used it yet. I'm leaning toward a fig tree fabric collection. It is pretty,lots of background, and easy, so a nice gift in a throw size


I love the block design you're making. Some people are a bit precious aren't they? Which is kind of unusual because I usually find quilters so sharing and open. Was she someone famous coming up with her own design? Or just not open to sharing?

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