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March 24, 2014


Michele Klein

Love your new header quilt! Also working on "brighter/lighter" quilts! Spring has sprung!

Diane Linford

I' did a kaleidoscope block years ago with templates. Very easy. But there weren't many other options at the time. Good luck!

Lisa D.

Hyacinth Quilts always has the most wonderful quilts! I've used the Kaleidoscope Smart Plate - you make pinwheels and trim them into kaleidoscope shapes. Very simple!


That quilt just screams spring and love the look of the design but have to say it looks a bit difficult to make...hope you find a better pattern or plan to make it. That smart Plate sounds like it might do the job. I am thinking it is time to get into some bright fabrics and find a good pattern to start, must be that time of year!

Pam O

Do you have a 45 degree triangle ruler?
If you do, you are ready to start.
I used Marilyn Doheny's kaleidoscope ruler when I made mine.
There are lots of different ones on the market now.
Strip sets and rotary cutting are my way to go.

Barbara Anne

What a glorious quilt in such happy colors and I can see why Victory Stars is going on the back burner for a while.

I've never made a Kaleidoscope block but am interested in Lisa D.'s link showing how to trim up pinwheels. Will visit that link in a moment.

Thanks for the link to Hyacinth Quilts and the amazing, cheerful quilts there. I need to finish up these winter blocks quickly as light and bright fabrics are calling to me even tho we may have snow again tomorrow.


Kathy ... aka Nana

I love that Kaleidoscope block ... I love blocks that create a secondary pattern when pieced together, especially a circular pattern. Those are certainly very spring-like colors ... I'm not normally a fan of pastels, but these certainly made me think of spring.


I saw Cindy's quilt - gorgeous, I love the colors which are a combo that would never have occured to me. I have a Kaleidoscope quilt on my list (my Quilts to make in 2014 Pinterst visual list) and am thinking of using my stash of Paris Flea market fabrics. I even bought a gadget called Smart Plate ruler to use for the blocks. All that is left is to get started!

Debbie R.

I love your Victory Star ... but understand your need for colour. Gosh. This winter just goes on and on and on. Look forward to seeing some colourful blog posts!

gloria g.

beautiful.....I do love the spring colors.....Keep up the good work.....

Thanks for sharing.

gloria g. Hemingway, SC

Sue Babich

You are so close to finishing Victory Star & I love it ! Can't wait to start mine. I just checked out that link and quilt is beautiful. I can see why you want to stop for awhile working on you VS and start this quilt. Looking forward to watching your progress


Cindy Lammon's blog is one of my favorites! I also love kaleidoscope blocks and have made probably a dozen kaleidoscope quilts. I use Marti Michell's large Kaleido-Ruler which makes blocks from 6" to 16". I should warn you that kaleido blocks are highly addictive.


I love your new blog header! So bright and summery! I've never made a kaleidoscope block yet, but would like to try. I think I would go with paper piecing for accuracy.

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