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March 21, 2014


Barbara Anne

Love Paganini and it's future outdoor (yet sheltered) setting!! It happily says, "A marvelous quilter lives here!!" Only quilts that are outside can speak aloud, doncha know? Indoor quilts whisper happily but are considerate not to create uproar.

See? Your dining table spring quilt is singing quietly! Love it, too!

My springtime decor is similarly simple but as we may have snow again next week, it's not out yet.



I like your Easter table topper, looks very springy. We could use some spring here in NJ, I might have to fake it with decorating touches as the weather is not cooperating. Paganini has been on my list for a long time, I must get to it.


Your Easter table topper is very cheery and I think that simple is sometimes best. Loving Paganini. Will you put a border on it?


Looks like spring is coming on there and glad to see your projects are coming together. Love your Easter decos and time to get into them too! Thanks, Gail

Sue Babich

Your all all set for Spring & Easter now :-D Paganini is adorable and looks perfect outside on your patio table


bet eva is happy to see easter decorations out! ;p love the table topper! i keep repeating myself, "can i have your beautiful porch? please?" :)

have a lovely weekend!

Debbie R.

A beautiful finish!


Love your version of Paganini! Your decorations are always so tasteful too! Thanks for taking the time to share :)

Dresden Quilter

It is so sweet and beautiful.


Love it all Nicole. Sometimes "simple" is best. Your "simple" is still quite classy.

Thank you for sharing...hang in there. Still praying for your peace and comfort!


It's so perfect for Springtime setting.

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