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March 31, 2014


Lisa D.

What a beautiful quilt, Nicole! I love those fabrics! I need to get my Buttercream & Fig quilt out of the closet and on my bed!

Kathy - aka Nana

I think that quilt is adorable ... Worth the hassle of the triangles, I think. I'm the same way as you ... Hate triangles. Hoping that my GO cutter will at least alleviate some of the hassle. ;-)

Diane Linford

What fun!

Barbara Anne

What a glorious discovery and clearly, a UFO whose time had come!!! The appliqued flower blocks are lovely and the triangle borders surrounding the Evening Star blocks really set off the center beautifully. How large is the quilt supposed to end up?

Unless you really, really like the look the pattern's outer border gives the quilt, I'd suggest you put on any outer border you want to.

Have fun!



I hate the bias edges too and I think it's a result of poor planning by the pattern writer - but never the less... it's a beautiful quilt! And very happy!!


The best of my days are when I just wear my slippers! I love this quilt! It is adorable. I was surprised when I saw the first photo-appliqué! It is really a nice job.


Stephani in N. TX

And a great sewing weekend was had. Great results too! Now back to "happy" sewing. Is that a new header on your blog? The watermelon look means spring and summer on the way for sure. Aren't we all ready!


Or as my mum would say 'a man on a galloping horse' It's absolutely beautiful Nicole! So cheery and 'spring-like', amazing how quickly you made it, so inspirational :-)


Some nice, cheery colors there. I really like the applique blocks.


Another lovely quilt almost finished - you are such a fast worker. I recently did a group project that called for this method of making flying geese and I found it very confusing.


So great that the appliqué blocks were already done --otherwise maybe the project would have jumped right back in its bin :). Fig Tree fabrics are gorgeous. I've had good luck with that fast geese method but sure compliment you in your success with the ruler. The blocks look terrific, bus or no ;)

Kristy Wlikinson

This is so pretty! I love the colors and the applique goes well with the stars. Triangles make so many pretty shapes. Don't be discouraged. Keep up the beautiful work! K-


Beautiful!! I love fig tree fabrics, so springy and happy! Is that a Carrie Nelson pattern?
I hope all is going well with you and your family. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers since the loss of your niece.


Love what you have done so far! How lucky you found a perfect spring, happy quilt almost finished :)


Gorgeous fabric, and gorgeous pattern. How lucky you were to stumble across this UFO.


Ahhh, ADD quilting at it's finest. My family just jokes - oh, Mom saw something shiny.


what a great find. glad you didn't get a concussion finding it! How fun for springtime sewing. looks beautiful.


lol, grandma higgins sounds awesome! ;p

love what you found! can't wait to see finished quilt. ;p

Jennifer Gwyn

What a nice post! I started it by seeing your first picture and thought ... "Nicole started something new, she'll have a few blocks to show us" and then BAM! you have almost an entire quilt top done! I'm with Barbara - unless the border looks spectacular and you really think it will be worth it - why not design your own border?

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

What an adorable quilt! We always used to say no one would notice riding by on a horse. LOL Actually, I don't think a man would notice at all, ever! ;-) Have a happy day!


How fun to find a put-away project that had a lot of the hard work done already.

My quilting teacher had the saying of "a man riding by on a horse wouldn't notice" like some of the others here have said. Isn't it amusing how all of our sayings are so similar??

Next up, finishing the happy fabric quilt! You had inspired me, and I drug out a bunch of my happy fabric and starting cutting strips yesterday. Yippee!

Miss Jean

I think it's going to be beautiful when finished, as it already is. I love the bus remark. I took a paper piecing class Saturday from the gal that invented the Add-A-Quarter ruler. The same sort of remark was made all day.


Your appliqué is beautiful! That is going to be a 'happy' cheery quilt!! There is nothing wrong with spending a day in your house slippers!! I'm working on some flying geese right now using Fit to Be Geese. I think it would be hard to change methods after so much good luck with that ruler!!


I really like the triangle borders on those star blocks - it was worth the trouble they gave you!

Carrie P.

what a nice surprise to find. I really like how it is all coming together. pretty colors and ready for spring.

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