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April 15, 2014


Kathy ... aka Nana

Looks pretty easy ... amazing how much techniques change in 10 years. ;-)


They look like spring bird nests to me-- very nice for an April table :)

Barbara Anne

Thanks for the stellar tutorial about your method for making this plate block and the cutting measurements! It is amazing how block construction methods have changed in 10 years.

I have had the "Quilted Gems" book for a decade or more with bookmarks at pg. 22, pg. 80, and pg. 108 for someday. It seems those "somedays" haven't arrived yet.



Very pretty plate blocks, and with your tutorial, very easy to make.

Sue Babich

What a fun and easy quilt to make Thanks for the tutorial


Great tutorial! Especially for those of us who are 'visual learners!' I swear by your zipper tutorial & have shared it with other quilters a lot!!! Your pretty blocks will make a wonderful Spring or Summer table runner!


It's rare when I don't change up methods from a pattern. I go to my tried and true methods most of he time but will always try something new. You never know when that pearl of a technique will be added to your bag of quilting tricks. Love your kaleidoscope quilt. It turned out fabulous.


They are beautiful! perfect for a table runner. ;p

Victoria Carroll-Parkhill

Well done tutorial! I especially liked the measurements and then the pictures that flow with the process. cute fabrics, too!


Thank you for this! I love that pattern and bought the book used just for it. This looks much easier! Thank you Nicole!


Love the tutorial! I'm a big fan of making pieces a bit larger and cutting them down.
Thanks for sharing.

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