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April 03, 2014


Judy Roach

Nicole, we all make judgment errors at some stage. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are right though, your meds must come first and our health really needs to take priority. Hope you are feeling much better now.


Hi Nicole - don't be too hard on yourself! I hope you're feeling better and come up with some workable strategies for keeping your asthma under control. I'm a nurse, but I hate taking medication, so I would probably be guilty of some similar errors in judgement. And for what it's worth, the days of really good insurance appear to be over. We're all paying more in premiums and more in deductibles and co-pays, so you're not alone!


Hope you are breathing better Nichole and take care of are worth it!
Get better.

K Czuprynski

Get well soon! I so enjoy your blog and hope you are soon back up to speed. I hate Jan. 1 with new deductibles and I hate Dec. 29 when I know I'm almost done with deductible met. Hang in there!

Pam in IL

I hope you are feeling better. Try contacting the drug manufacturer for help getting the Advair. My mom and my aunt have been able to get their meds for free or discounted through programs set up by the manufacturers.


Sometimes fabric can be 'good medicine' for the soul but you also need to take good medicine for the body! Hope you are feeling better.


I hope you're feeling better today, that's really scary! My son suffers with asthma yet refuses to take the preventive inhaler and only the emergency one when absolutely necessary, which is just madness...boys, what can you do? Originally from England and now living in Canada, I appreciate the luxury I used to enjoy with the NHS, but there are commercials here which say 'if you are having problems affording your medication, please contact the manufacturer, they may be able to help you' it might be worth a try? I hope today is a better day for you. The sun is finally out here and the snow is slowly disappearing. Oh to live in California ...... :-)


Sad state of affairs. medical insurance is out of control. I am so sorry this went south for you but lesson learned. Both of my granddaughters are using inhalers and peak flow meters. This is a bad year I guess. I have one more year until I go on Medicare and stop paying ridiculous monthly premiums. My blood pressure goes up when I think about it. I guess I don't even have to tell you to take care of yourself but I certainly do Hope you feel better.
best Wishes,

Diane Linford

Oh, I hope you're doing better! When you're well it is hard to remember ever being sick. When you're sick it's hard to remember ever being well. So I think it's easy to rationalize not taking meds.

Sandy M

I don't have the excuse that I can't afford it (great insurance). I just hate taking the preventive. I am suppose to take Dulera twice a day and then Ventilin as my emergency inhaler. I always forget the preventive and remember after I have my makeup on and I'm ready to leave for work... since I have to brush my teeth after the treatment (you can develop some weird fungal thing if you don't), I tend to skip it. Then at night I remember after I'm in bed! So, I never take it and just walk around with the emergency one.
Your experience is definitely a wake up call. Hope you feel better. I know how scary it feels to be unable to breath.

Barbara Anne

OH DEAR!!! How scary is it not to be able to breathe? I'm glad all is well and that you have your proper inhalers now.

The Proventyl should have helped you quickly as it's an emergency inhaler. The Advair is a daily inhaler to keep things open in normal circumstances. AMIL is on similar inhalers.

In case you're unaware of it, asthma attacks can be set off by smoke, air pollution, fear, running, and other such stressors on your body or the air you breathe. Last year AMIL ended up at her asthma doctor's office for an emergency appt. because she burned a pan, then stayed in the smokey house. She should have stayed outside.

Yes, the price of prescription medicine is criminal as is the cost of medical insurance. Has anyone seen that one medical insurance option costs over $6000/month??????? Who can afford that?

Hope using your glorious stash will keep you happily quilting. That's what I'm doing.

Big hugs!!!!

Karen Seemuth

Hi Nicole, what a scary experience. I hope you recover quickly.

If there is a Costco near you, you might want to price the Advair. They tend to be lower than the chain pharmacies, at least here in the Midwest.


I am sure glad that you are still among the living (if not exactly breathing!). I think that I remember a similar incident years ago? Where you were skimping on meds because of the high costs and had a major attack? I know people EVERYWHERE are doing this now (and probably have been since at least 2008). You are not alone.
We love you. Breathe deeply amidst your quilty goodness...

Tracey Holzer

Yikes! My son is on both of these meds. But in Canada the Advair is $75 and the albuteral is $15 a month. Send me your prescriptions!!! Now I know why I hear of busses filled with people coming to Canada from the states to fill their prescriptions. Anyways, get better and take care.


I'm so glad you're home & recovering after that scare! The high cost of insurance & crazy deductibles are causing so many people to try to conserve or go without medications completely! I agree with commenters above…why not check with the pharmaceutical companies to see if they can provide lower cost or free medications for you! If you don't ask; you won't know. In the meantime, take good care!

Jennifer Gwyn

Tsk! Tsk! No judgement here. I may not have spent medicine money on fabric, but I have done similar with other "important" designated funds. But the fabric was soooo pretty! Hey - if you can't breathe - you can't quilt!


That sounds like a very scary day indeed! Glad you are over the emergency situation and can now recuperate. And quilt! :)


Wow, hope you're feeling better today. When it comes to our health, we really have to ante up. Not sure what the coverage is here in Canada. Luckily, I don't have asthma, and hopefully I won't have to find out.

Sue Babich

OH NO ! How scary for you to not be able to breath like that ! Rest and take care of your self .


Nicki!! I will lecture you because I love you. I have a friend whose sister died due to an asthma attack. Please don't be foolish. You are very precious to many people who would be devestated to lose you. You know you need the advair. And your loved ones need you!

Sherry V.

Hi Nicole,

First, I hope you are feeling much better with the meds.

Second, don't suffer sticker shock when you see the emergency room bill. I had to go to the ER 2 weeks ago for an expected abdominal blockage and just saw the bill. . . $18,000 for a bed in the hallway for many 6 hours!

The cheapest thing. . . the morphine shots for the pain. They were a bargain at $8.00.

Of course, after the insurance company negotiations the amount came way down. . . but my portion is still going to put a crimp in my budget.

Glad you were able to get your meds.


So sorry Nicole. When our bodies remind us that we are not invincible, it is disturbing. Fortunately your experience appears to be a "wake up call" rather than a "curtain call".

Miss Jean

I hope you are feeling better. Luckily, I still have insurance that has a very low co-pay for meds. Knock on wood!!!! My daughter had a severe asthma attack once. By the time we got her to the e.r. it had subsided. The dr. said that going out in the cool air really helps. Do whatever it takes to stay well. You can't quilt if you can't breathe!!!

Karen @ BadlandsQuilts

By the number of comments I can tell that I am not the only one like you who went from a great health plan to a high deductible situation with expensive meds. Someone has share on an allergy site a website that searches lowest cash price in your area for a particular med. If those meds are not in your insurance formulary should be something comparable and if not perhaps your doctor can write an exception request for them to be covered once you hit your deductible? Feel better soon.

Debbie R.

I'm so sorry about your asthma attack. Glad that you're okay. And I guess that you'll be adjusting your priorities a bit. Fabric is pretty important, but breathing, well, that just has to happen. Be well!

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