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May 30, 2014


Diane Linford

Just keep practicing! You'll keep improving. Just think, what you saved in paying a quilter can be put to use buying more fabric!

Barbara Anne

Well, isn't Trace just the cutest little table topper or summer doll quilt?! Applause, applause as Nicole the Wonder Piecer has done it again. Did you her the wind whistling past your ears as you flew thru this process? :)

My very humble machine quilting usually involves me meandering around a central fabric design, then straight line quilting not quite in the ditch around the block parts as needed, then around both sides of some borders, and sometimes I use that Bernina wavy stitch in the outer border.

I cannot easily do loops and swoops because I cannot seem to move the quilt top well enough. I will have to check out those tutorials. I've bought Angela Walter's book about machine quilting but she has a long arm quilting machine. Lucky duck!



The little quilt turned out beautifully Nicole. I do love those fabrics.

FMQ is NOT my thing so my small quilts are stitched in the ditch or straight line stitched. My husband's golf buddy owns a window treatment business and somehow came across a long-arm quilting machine. He has it in his shop and said I can use it any time I want. I have NO clue how to even turn one of those things on much less load a quilt.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...would love to see where you place your new table topper.

Sherry V.

Your topper turned out lovely!

The colors remind me of Italian Ice (or sherbet). Definitely a good choice for the warmer weather that is coming.

Sue Babich

This is the CUTEST quilt ! I have a basket of unfinished small quilts because I refuse to pay $50.00 to have them quilted . I wish I was as brave as you to quilt my own . Your quilting looks great :-D

Have a great weekend !


SID is the perfect quilting for this piece. Many times keeping it simple really is the best choice when it comes to quilting. But I do a lot of SID on my long arm because it really sets off applique and piecing.


Your topper turne out cute! I think Leah Day has a Craftsy class too, you may want to check it out. I keep wanting to do free motion but don't want to mess my tops up. I think I will do what you're doing and start at video one and woke my way through. Have a great weekend!

pam hansen

Your table topper is perfect for summer.
Small projects have a definite appeal.


Your quilt colors are so soft & soothing! It will look very pretty where ever you put it this summer! Well done!


Oh, I just love it! Practice is sooooo important in free motion quilting, but who has the time with all these amazing tops to quilt???

Liz S.

Love those colors! Now, now, you're not a bone head! You are a talented quilter! And I'll bet you learn something with every quilt!
Yes, I love that Leah Day too! Very helpful!
But I will say that I want my computer and my sewing machine side by side sometimes! LOL

Mary B

I use Moda's Bella Solid white. Its about as white as you can get! Whiter than white.


Love you little topper. Keep practicing with the free motion. I usually do a scrap piece of fabric layered and practice for about 10 minutes before I start, it helps get the the rhythm down. I usually wash my quilt after I'm done, it hides all my mistakes!

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