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May 13, 2014



I used to sew a lot of clothing too. I learned to sew in junior high home ec and made a lot of my own clothes, until I began working. My skills weren't up to the tailoring required but I still made blouses (lots of silk shells for under suit jackets). I got away from out of a combination of lack of time and lack of resources - local fabric shop closed. Then I found quilting and that has been my creative outlet ever since. My garment making is limited to Halloween costumes now.

Gertie Pye

I have just sewn my first top after having made a couple of little things (dresses, aprons, hairbands) for my little girls. For some reason I was much more scared sewing for myself! I think it is just the amount of fabric I might waste if I mess it up.

Eva's apron is lovely - I hope you have lots of happy baking time ahead of you both!


I imagine many of us 'of a certain age' can completely identify with your garment sewing story today! Learned to sew in Jr. High Home Ec (non-existent these days), made our own clothing for many years & haven't picked up a garment pattern in decades! I, too, made some little aprons for a 2 yr. old niece last year…what a readjustment from quilt sewing methods!!!! Eva will love wearing her own apron in the kitchen with you!!

Kathleen G

Years ago I made clothes for my best friend's children all the time. This past year I decided to give it a go again, and made a cute little sundress for my 2 year old niece. She SCREAMED at the sight of it. Sobbed when she tried it on. It's still hanging in her closet, unworn. She wears plenty of dresses, so it wasn't that. There's a new baby girl in the family this year....maybe she'll wear it someday!

Brittany @ Pickles Quilting

Love the cupcake fabric! Nice work!!! -Brittany


Eva's apron is so cute. She will love it! I haven't sewn clothes for decades. To tell you the truth, I cringe when people when they ask me to do repairs on their clothing but reluctantly do them! I am getting crabby in my old age I guess. I am glad you found it in yourself to do this project! totally worth it!


Barbara Anne

Same here. I used to sew clothes (no jackets!), curtains, and even made DS1 a short-all when he was two with smocked ice cream cones as his Easter outfit. Too cute!

Cheers for that darling apron you made for Miss E! The fabric is adorable and will certainly hide spatters or stains.

In case your readers have no time or pattern for these matching aprons, the Ben Franklin (now AC Moore) stores have or used to have canvas child-sized aprons along with canvas adult aprons and they cost next to nothing.

The two valances I'm making are nearly complete!


Karen L.

Hi, Nicole - Have you seen these videos from Sharon Schamber about basting a quilt using trim boards? It's such a great idea and no more crawling around on the floor!

Karen L.

Debbie R.

Very cute apron. And Eva will love it -- and the time she spends with you in the kitchen. Hope that your busy week is also a good one.

Tracey Holzer

Very cute! I have apron material for myself, but I haven't made it yet. I'm guessing that I've had it for almost three years now! Maybe you'll motivate me like Second Hand Clothes. Have a great day Nicole!!


How sweet! I used to sew all my own clothes too. Just yesterday I was saying I wanted short sleeved shirts but can't find any and was thinking about making an attempt to sew one. So many great cotton fabrics for summer shirts. Time, time, if only there was more of it do fit in all that I love to do.


So cute! I taught my daughter (now 20!) to sew when she was probably about 7, and she made an apron for herself. It was pretty cute, too. Eva will love wearing it when she helps Nana in the kitchen!

Diane Linford

This is me!!

Jennifer Gwyn

Ha! I would like to see a handmade bikini - just a step above underwear, right? I tried once to make a shirt and it was the most pitiful thing. Never tried again even though my mother made a lot of my clothes when I was little. Now you can get tops and bottoms for kids for just a few bucks, and usually cute too.


You won't believe how fast it will come back, Nicole! I can attest to it :>) I love that there are simple tops and skirt patterns that can be made from quilting fabric now, too!


that is adorable!!! i be eva loved it! ;p

Kathy - aka Nana

Been there, done that. And the experience reaffirmed that the only time I want to use my sewing machine is when I'm piecing quilt tops. Ha!

Sue Babich

How CUTE ! Love the cupcakes apron ! I applaud you :-D


What an adorable apron! I bet she just loves it! I used to sew my own clothes too and have a handful of patterns I think I could make up quickly...nothing fancy though. Hope you had a happy Mothers Day too :)


What a cute apron! She'll love it! I, too, used to sew all my own clothes and the kids clothes when they were young. But, as you said, with the cost of patterns and fabric and the time became easier to simply buy clothes. Enjoyed your blog post on closet organizing - it's on my "to do" list.


This could be my story! And, just this past week, I decided to start back into sewing my clothing, and I made a skirt and part of a blouse. My machine kind of balked at sewing on a jersey knit rather than cotton, but I'm getting the hang of it! I used to make everything, formals and snowmobile suit included!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

LOL I can so relate to sewing garments! I used to do it all too~ and for my kiddo's too; and then the quilt bug took root. :-) I still go back and sew a few things here and there, but nothing like I used to. Love the apron~ I think a special cooking session is in order now. Have a happy day!


I too use to have a passion for garment, making all my clothes. Suits, fashion designer patterns - that fit me to a tee. I knew how to adjust for my full bust,short waist and slight swayback. When did I stop sewing ?- when all bust and waist measurement were on top of each other. There was too much fitting to make it fun. With quilting all the joy - none of the fit issues.


Cute apron! I too used to sew all my clothes but I think I've lost the confidence to attempt a lot - I do have some fabrics and patterns to try a few simple things this Winter......fingers crossed!

Liz S.

I have always wanted to sew garments for myself, but after making 2 dresses (and never taking my measurements!) they hung in the closet, so sad. But recently after watching a youtube video I had renewed hope I could do it! check it out... Pattern Drafting 101, Basic Bodice Sloper on youtube. And then see the free pattern for the cute "sorbetto" blouse at (under free downloads)
The apron for your granddaughter is adorable!
And I agree that quilting is so fun with no fitting issues! LOL

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