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May 29, 2014



Your stories about Ozzie have always been some of my favorites. I have missed them.


Love, love, love this pattern and your quilts. they are both fabulous. Ozzie is so darn cute but obviously a real trickster for you to handle on a daily basis. Have a good day!


Barbara Anne

I can see "Come play with me" in Ozzie's eager expression and posture! Who could resist? Ozzie is certainly a charmer.

Love the quilts and the fabrics but confess I think I don't have a chevron quilt with this many zig-zags in my future. I like many of the modern quilts as they are great eye candy and, in fact, got Tula Pink's "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" book for Mothers' Day. Love it, too.

Hope your work schedule eases up so you can dive into some project and finish it in the time it takes to sneeze. Seriously, you are impressively quick from start to finish on your quilts!



Mr. Personality, Ozzie, is always a favorite on your blog! The only thing funnier would be an orange sandal instead of the stuffed toy! (Only funny to us because it's not our shoe, right?!) Those quilts are both beautiful & timeless! Thanks for sharing!


Your two zig zag quilts are fabulous. I especially like the second one because of the smaller stripes, and all the different fabric used. Hope you get a bit of time over the weekend in your sewing room. One should never go too long without a sewing/fabric fix.

Julie in WA

Hi Ozzie!!! Good to see you again!!! Please come back and visit the blog a little more frequently...

Jennifer Gwyn

Love seeing a 'throw back' post from you. That FG collection was one of my favorites as well. Miss seeing Ozzie! Your quilter certainly spent some time on that second one - I really want to make an American Jane quilt - fabric is ready and waiting, but alas... you know.


Ozzie is a little stinker! My dog is very timid and craves a lot of attention too. She comes up and just leans against me(or anyone else)while seeking pets. sometimes she'll just gently rest her head in my lap. ;p


Ozzie is a darling! I have an Ollie but with him it's only balls...all kinds, all shapes - especially when I am trying to piece! I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for the shares.


Too funny! I thought it was called throw back Thursday because Ozzie was throwing something back :). He is so adorable! Love your beautiful. Quilts too, I never get tired of French General.


Ozzie is just the cutest thing! I have to keep covers on my machines because of the cats here. You might need a cover too. That second quilt is wonderful. Love the scrappy look and the little pieces. The quilting, wow! Hope you get some sewing time soon.

Robyn Kirk

I miss hearing about Ozzie as well.

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