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June 30, 2014


Barbara Anne

What a lovely way and place to spend some of your recuperation time when doing things with a bandaged finger isn't easy! Cheers for your thoughtful hubby!!

Were you told when you could remove the bulky bandage? A smaller bandage might make using your finger easier, but I imagine putting pressure on your deep puncture will hurt for some time to come. Your finger will tell you what to stop doing!

Big hugs!


Every cloud has a silver lining! At least in this case :-) Glad you had a nice weekend.

Sue Babich

How sweet of your hubby to take you to Lake Tahoe for the weekend! It is so pretty up there. Here is hoping your fingers heals quickly


I meant to add that my back is bothering me so I can't sew either. I do feel your pain. It's frustrating!


That's kind of a good news/bad news thing, isn't it!?!? Glad you were able to get away for a nice week-end trip! Please don't try to respond to comments--you need to give that poor finger time to heal!


What a nice hubby! I'm thinking you must've looked really sad as you were on such a roll. I'll think happy thoughts on my end to will your finger back into shape too :). Take the week off to rest and Happy 4th to you too!

Sinta Renee

I love Lake Tahoe! Enjoy! So sorry about your finer... it's my worst fear with the sewing machine. Now, the rotary cutter... that's another fear lurking!


who knew quilting was so hazardous to ones health! Hope the finger heals soon - I have this mental picture of you in that beautiful setting - sitting, staring forlornly at your finger. Great to get away for the weekend though - happy 4th!

Liz S.

Sending lots of happy thoughts to heal you quick!


This is why I need a husband. LOL

Less than three weeks before Quilt Market, I sliced off the tip of my index finger with a rotary cutter. A getaway to Lake Tahoe would have been lovely... I'm glad you were able to get away for a nice relaxing weekend.

Heal soon!

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

I was at Lake Tahoe last weekend, too!! The weather was gorgeous! Which part were you on? I was in South Lake Tahoe.

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