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June 09, 2014


Linda W.

You introduced me to this fabulous ruler in a previous post and like you, I now will not make flying geese any other way. It is SO worth the trimming to get that perfect piece to fit into your block with no fudging.

Kathy ... aka Nana

I've never made flying geese. I know ... I can't believe it either. However, a quilt I plan to work on at the retreat next month calls for flying geese ... using a different method. I think I'm going to use your method. I'm curious ... it sounds like you cut your goose piece to be the size you want but cut the sky pieces bigger? And about how much bigger do you cut those sky pieces? Thanks!


I've been wanting to get this ruler for a while now but have not been able to find it here in Quebec, guess I will have to order it on line and pay the exoensive shipping. I'll consider it an investment because the results certainly look impressive.


I LOVE Monique's Fit to be Geese rulers, it's the only way to go!!


Yeah! What Thelma said! Kathy (above) there is a chart on the package with sky & geese sizes to cut to get the finished size called for in your pattern…as the saying goes 'easy peasy!'

Barbara Anne

Interesting and the photos are great! Is having bias on the outside edges a problem?

I don't have this ruler in either size but have used Mary Sue Suit's method that she explains in her book, "All the Blocks are Flying Geese". You start with 2 squares, one an inch smaller than the other and you end up with 4 matching Flying Geese that are a bit oversize. Trim down to the perfect size. Regular rulers are used in this process.

Isn't it great there are no quilt police and that our creative freedom is unfettered?!

I like your idea of using a smaller cutting mat on top of your large mat for these small block units. I'm going to start doing that.



Thank you so much Nicole. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Now I'm off to find the ruler.

Julie in WA

Yea! On Saturday I was searching your blog for posts on flying geese, but I could not find any. Thanks for sharing with such perfect timing!


I got it and the Fit to be Square ruler. Love 'em! Love your blog, too! Stay cool up there! It's blazin' hot down here. :(

Miss Jean

I uncovered my flying geese rulers yesterday so I'm going to finally give them a try! Thanks for the help.


I'm a little slow! Thank you for the makeup post!!!! I need a kick in the pants once in a while! I bought the BadGirl mascara. I love it! Thanks!


I love Monique's rulers! Life changers! And it's all because you and Carrie introduced them to us awhile ago.

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